This Is Not a Drill—Adidas Just Restocked Its Sellout Sambas

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past three years, you probably already know all about the phenomenon that is Adidas's Samba sneakers and the hold the retro soccer style has on fashion people. Their allure is no big mystery or anything. With an affordable price tag, a minimal appearance, a handful of cool collaborations (from Gucci to Wales Bonner), and a long history of being worn by interesting people, there really was no other option but to be majorly successful. But no one could have predicted just how buzzy they'd become.

In 2023, classic black or white Sambas are some of the hardest shoes to get your hands on, and that's in comparison to viral designer heels and limited-edition releases. Whether it's a third-party stockist or Adidas itself, retailers simply cannot seem to keep these old-school sneakers in stock. That is why it was such a big, huge, major deal when I popped onto yesterday to check on available sizes and found the entire selection to be in stock. But that was 12 hours ago, and already, smaller sizes in the white OG Sambas are gone. Don't let that happen in the black option, too, without snagging a pair for summer. Before every last Samba disappears, scroll down and shop 2023's most-wanted kicks.

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Thanks to the gum rubber sole, these sneakers feel like a cool mix between Sambas and Gazelles.

This soft-leather pair is very, very good and perfect for summer. 

When sneakers sell out as often as Sambas do, you have to sometimes get creative and opt for other styles that don't fly off the shelves quite as quickly. That's why many people have bought the Nora Shoes instead—We love them in green.

Though not quite as viral as the Sambas, Adidas's Gazelle sneakers are easy and just as chic. 

The Y-3 Adidas sneakers will always impress. 

You can't not love Stan Smiths. 

This gray would look so good with a pair of matching trousers and a simple white tee. 

This post was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.