23 Cool Crochet Pieces I Can't Stop Thinking About

In some ways, the runways of 2018 have felt like one big arts-and-crafts class in the best way possible, particularly where accessories are concerned. (Okay, an arts-and-crafts class led by one ridiculously chic arts-and-crafts teacher.) First, we had the resurgence of the wildly retro beaded bag trend—thank you, Susan Alexandra, Shrimps, and various high-street retailers—and now we're in the midst of a veritable explosion of crochet.

If the thought of crochet conjures up tragic festival dressing and/or not-so-well-made bikinis, well, I don't blame you; instead, I'll direct you to divert your attention to the decidedly unsummery, decidedly sophisticated, decidedly FUN (fun!) crochet pieces that have caught my eye as of late. In fact, my fascination with the trend started one October afternoon when I spied a pair of black-and-brown Proenza ballet flats as I was writing another story

The shoes that ignited my interest in the crochet trend.

Scarves may be one of the more expected crochet items, but this Topshop version is anything but ordinary…

The dress of my dreams during my teenage goth phase (and right now, quite frankly).

Like curling up beneath your cool grandma's handmade blanket.

Beachy, sure, but also a whole lot of fun during the winter.

Obviously you'll need more fun (warm!) socks to wear with these.

Next up, see the unexpected animal-print trend of the season.