Our Big, Beautiful Guide to the Strappy Heel Trend

As a “strappy heels girl” myself, you can’t imagine my delight to see what has historically been a pretty classic shoe style get reinvented into quite a few new and trendy iterations for the season at hand. Whether it’s Céline’s ultra-forward cage style or Tibi’s more casual, everyday take, there’s a lot to not only love about the trend, but plenty to know as well. As such, I’ve taken it upon myself to bring you today’s Big Beautiful Guide to Strappy Heels.

That’s right—we curated our favorites from the runway, are showing you how the fashion set are wearing them (and of course, posting to Instagram), as well as sharing more standout styles to shop at a range of price points. So whether or not you’re also a strappy heels girl, you’ll want to continue scrolling because I might just convert you.

That’s all on strappy heels—at least for today. Hoping to have convinced you, but if not, we’ll be back!