14 Loungewear Sets I'm Losing It Over, Including the One I Wear Nonstop

Best loungewear sets



I asked my Alexa what the weather is today, and she said, "Too cold to go outside." Obviously, I'm just joking, but when she said the temperature, that's what I heard. You might think I have selective hearing, but I'm not alone in feeling this way. Spending more time indoors is a must during this season, even if you are lucky enough to live in a warmer climate. That means it's time to redirect your wardrobe toward something new. I'm kissing my festive holiday dresses goodbye—for now—and tapping into a part of my closet that is much more fitting for these temps.

I feel like another chapter of the WFH life has begun, and as we enter a new year, I'm ready to refresh my at-home wardrobe. Normally, during the actual workday, I would choose items that are comfortable but feel elevated, but this cold weather has had me really leaning on those cozy loungewear sets I've been collecting over the past two years. When I am in the mood to play dress-up, I find slipping into my cute loungewear sets at the end of the night always feels so good. As I write to you, I'm wearing my current favorite set, but that is just a piece of the pie. Below, you'll find cute loungewear sets for every occasion, even date night.

The best seller:

Cute loungewear sets



I'm calling this classic ribbed cardigan set "the best seller" because that's simply what it is. I've watched so many iterations of this set sell out over and over because every person needs it in their closet, especially if they work from home. Act fast on the below picks since, as we know, they'll be gone soon. 

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Top-secret shopping tip: Anything knit with ribbed detailing naturally looks more expensive.

A subtle flare at the leg is simply a requirement.

Yes, I'm still obsessed with the color green.

The purchase is incomplete without these pants.

Straight-up sweats:

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There's no better way to simplify your wardrobe than with straight-up sweats. I suggest you set aside the overworn set you impulse-bought early pandemic and try an elevated approach to this must-have. Oh, and you better believe they'll quickly become the most comfortable thing you own.

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This is as tailored as sweatpants get, and I'm loving it.

But what will my closet be without this striking blue set as well?

Dressing up your sweats with the right jewelry is a pro-level move.

The one I just can't seem to take off:

As I write this, we're slowly approaching day four, where the first thing I wanted to do after work is throw on this exact sweatsuit. There are subtle details that make it feel more elevated, but it's still perfect for a night in. 

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The sherpa collar has kept my neck so warm on my frigid morning walks to the gym.

Good news, these pants double as your inner layer on a very cold day.

Sleek and ever-so-chic joggers:

Cute loungewear sets for winter



There's an easy way to look luxe, and this is it. Slim-fit joggers with a matching top in a soft knit fabric are true winners. There's nothing I love more than when my loungewear set matches my interior design color palette.

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H&M knits always come through with the best in comfort and price point.

I think I would be equally addicted to this as I was to my previous matching set.

It's the little things that can keep you extra warm. In this case, it's all in the mock-neck.

Rag & Bone did not hold back when crafting these beautiful pants.

When I want to feel fancy, I lounge in a skirt:

Cute loungewear sets for summer



Although Aimee wore hers out and about, this set would quickly become a staple of my WFH wardrobe. This simple skirt set can double for days spent lounging at home and an evening on the town.

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Try giving this cardigan the spotlight by pairing it with high-waisted jeans.

There's so much to love about this midi skirt.

Borrowed from the lingerie drawer:

Loungewear is known for being full coverage, but if you like walking around the house with a little bit less on, don't be afraid to try out cozy and chic lingerie turned lounge. Do away with itchy lace and try out soft cotton and crisp poplin instead.

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Whenever I need to cool off, pointelle is the fabric I turn to, and you really can't go wrong with this set.

Wearing this shirt with nothing underneath is always an option.

The perfect excuse to throw a pajama party:

Cute loungewear sets for 2022



Every time I see silk pj's, I think of the slumber parties from my childhood—candy, popcorn, and the latest Twilight movie on the screen. Recreate that picturesque experience for yourself at home with these silk sets.

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The best thing about this set is that it was truly made for in or out the house.

Pajama pants anyone would want to own.

This crinkly fabric has been a winner in our Zoom meetings.

I'm all about loose pants this year, and I think I just found my favorite pair.