Catch Up on Your Sleep With This One Accessory

A good night’s sleep is something worth investing in, and when you’ve already got your favorite silk pajamas, the only thing left is a cute eye mask. After all, looking chic is a 24-hour kind of thing, is it not? Getting the right amount of beauty sleep is just as important as performing your nightly routine, and this sleepwear accessory will make for an effortless addition.

Catch some serious z’s with a stylish sleep mask, or simply make a fashion statement from the comfort of your own bed and channel Audrey Hepburn à la Breakfast at Tiffany’s. There’s a reason this bedtime staple keeps popping up on our radar.

Whether you prefer a classic mask to simply get the job done, or you want some extra frills, animal prints, or even your own set of embroidered eyelashes, there’s an eye mask that’s made just for you and your REM cycle. Don’t hit snooze on these.

You can't help but feel cheery after waking up with this mask.

We wouldn't have any trouble falling asleep with this cashmere mask.

Have you seen a prettier mask for sleeping?

For anyone who loves all things cats.

When in doubt, go with simple white.

The perfect eye mask for dreaming.

Falling asleep in these masks will be so easy, and you'll look good doing it, too.