The Bags We All Use But Never Talk About


Style du Monde

Calling all commuters, do you find yourself on the hunt for cute canvas bags or backpacks? These straightforward carryalls don't receive too much love, but for many women, they're the piece that helps them navigate a schedule that might include the gym, work, and drinks all in a 12-hour span. Breathable, washable, and understated, these styles are the workhorse that we've all come to depend on. But, that doesn't mean they can't be stylish too.

Below, we're highlighting canvas totes and backpacks that are both practical and cute so you'll be ready to navigate the day with whatever you need to keep you going. Since the bag you use the most shouldn't be the one you overlook, it's time to treat yourself to a practical carry-all, whether your budget is $5 or something a bit pricier. You'll find 19 options that fit the bill below!