15 Cute Bike Riding Outfits for Summer

Summer is the season for biking, and we’re excited for a season where we can set out for a leisurely bike ride in everything from jeans to sundresses. While we still want to look cute on our brand-new two-wheelers, the look still has to make sense for the activity at hand. Our kind of biking might be casual on most outings (spin class not included), but we’re still not about to hop on the bike in a tight miniskirt and stiletto heels.

While we’re searching for outfits we can wear while biking to work, brunch, and—yes—the beach, we want options that are functional and chic at the same time. Tight and short silhouettes are not ideal, though a more flowy silk that hits above our knees is a pretty safe bet, especially when it’s in the form of a wrap dress paired with low-top sneakers. Jeans are a must to have on hand, as are cutoff shorts. For the beach, we love one-piece swimsuits worn as bodysuits and even a dress-over-pants look to cut down on any unwanted wardrobe malfunctions.

See our go-to looks and shop some of the pieces you need to re-create them below.

Go all-out when it comes to color by pairing a bright pair of pink shorts with a more pastel T-shirt.

biking outfits one-piece swimsuit jean shorts



When heading to the beach, treat your one-piece maillot as a bodysuit and slip it underneath a pair of denim shorts.

biking outfits striped button-down jeans sneakers



when heading to a casual day at the office, consider a striped button-down shirt and skinny jeans, finishing it off with a pair of low-top sneakers.

biking outfits tie-front shirt denim shorts loafers



Keep your button-down–and-shorts combo interesting by tying your top in a knot at your waist and slipping into a pair of more elevated loafers in lieu of sneakers.

Dress up your bike-riding look by adding a colorful printed blazer or jacket on top of an otherwise simple tee and denim outfit.

biking outfits slouchy trousers longline blazer



Go loose with a pair of slouchy pants, but keep them tailored by rolling up the legs to right above the ankle. Top the look with a blazer for a more elevated appeal.

biking outfits slouchy black sweater distressed jeans



For a simple throw-on-and-go look, consider a slouchy sweater in a neutral tone and a pair of distressed jeans. Finish it off with a fun belt or a few pieces of eye-catching jewelry.

Lean into the summertime look with full force by opting for an off-the-shoulder gingham minidress in a deep tone of purple or blue.

If you’re fearful of an unwanted wardrobe malfunction, consider layering pants and a dress for your bike-riding outing. Have a full range of straight-leg jeans on hand to pair with all your summertime midi dresses.

biking outfits overalls cotton t-shirt sneakers



Overalls are one of our favorite summertime staples, and bike riding is just the event to pull out your new seasonal favorite. Keep it simple with the addition of a T-shirt and sneakers for all your afternoon errands.

biking outfits sundress block heels



Go for a sophisticated vibe (that maybe even matches your adorable pastel bike!) and slip into a minidress with an accentuated waistline. On your feet, go for a pair of toe-capped flats or very low block heels for ease of commute.

biking outfits jean shorts statement top



When you can only dream of denim cutoffs, consider adding a statement top to amp up the look. It can be as simple as an off-the-shoulder or as complicated as a ruffle wrap-and-tuck.

biking outfits button-front cocktail dress



As long as it’s convertible enough to allow your knees a little movement, try out a button-front look that you can fasten up or down at your leisure.

biking outfits cotton t-shirt jeans shorts



Coordinate with your best friend in classic colorful cotton T-shirts and jeans. Whether they’re shorts or pants, denim is and always will be the best bike-friendly bottom.

Slip into your favorite sundress and sneakers and you’ll be good to go all summer long.

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Get ready to hop on that bike and go—in style—with these above looks and super-cute sneakers.