Cuffing Season Is Coming—These 29 Pieces Are Weirdly Both Cozy and Sexy

One of the great challenges fashion girls face every fall and winter is the dilemma of choosing an outfit that's warm and comfortable or one that makes you feel your best. When temperatures drop, it's a constant struggle between the two, as it's pretty hard to build an outfit that does both. To look cute or be warm—that is the question.

Fall and winter are cheekily known as "cuffing season," but it's my feeling that regardless of whether you're in a relationship, you always want to feel your best. Luckily, through my extensive searching, I've found a few miracle pieces that actually check both boxes—sartorial unicorns, if you will. Below, I've highlighted the 29 fall styles that are somehow both cozy and sexy at the same time so that this year, you don't have to choose. 

Leave a few buttons at the bottom undone like the photo above for a flirtatious touch. 

A cropped sweater is cozy yet still shows a tiny bit of skin. Pair this one with high-waisted vintage denim and you've got yourself an outfit. 

A cropped turtleneck looks perfect with high-waisted jeans.

A belted coat will make your feel cozy while also showing off your waist. 

Pair this dress with tall boots for the perfect fall outfit. 

A cinched waist is always a good idea.

A sweaterdress feels like pj's but looks infinitely cooler. 

Comfortable but shows just enough skin. 

This sweater shows off your collar bones perfectly.

This is the exact outfit I want to wear on my next date night.

The fur-trim collar feels very Old Hollywood glamorous. 

A matching sweater and skirt are so chic yet so comfortable. 

The one-shoulder detail is such a winner. 

Just add boots and sweater and you're set. 

The off-the-shoulder detail is subtle but sexy. 

The cutout in this sweaterdress gives it a sultry touch. 

The subtle sheer parts of this sweater are so pretty. 

Pair this fitted turtleneck sweater with a leather skirt for an elevated outfit. 

Everyone's favorite one-and-done outfit.

Cinching your waist is always a good idea.

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