I Made a List of 15 Anti-Trend Pieces I Would Recommend Investing In

Recently, I’ve been thinking more about how to create a closet that has all of the cool wardrobe staples I want to wear again and again. While I have plenty of tried and true basics, there are some pieces that are glaringly missing. Yes, I have items like straight-leg jeans and button-down shirts that are mainstays in my everyday looks, but other items including strappy heels and a classic watch are absent. To figure out the building block pieces I want to invest in, I made a list of the key anti-trend pieces I personally think are important wardrobe essentials.

Ahead, see the 15 cool wardrobe staples that made the cut. Here, I included everything from affordable basics to investment pieces that you can wear forever. I’ll be working on acquiring each of the pieces on this list over time since they’re so versatile and withstand the seasonal trends.

Tailored Trousers

Cool wardrobe staples: tailored trousers



Tailored pieces always read as polished, and I would recommend ordering a great pair of trousers if you don't already have some.

Leather Flats

Cool wardrobe staples: leather flats



As we head into summer, leather flats are a great item to order, whether you're headed on vacation or not.

Crisp Button-Downs

The styling possibilities of a crisp button-down shirt are endless.

Tweed Jackets

Cool wardrobe staples: tweed jackets



A tweed jacket is one of the easiest ways to look instantly polished.

Straight-Leg Jeans

Cool wardrobe staples: straight-leg jeans



Straight-leg jeans are the silhouette that withstands every other denim trend.

Classic Watches

Cool wardrobe staples: classic watches



A beautiful timepiece will never go out of style.

Retro Sneakers

There is a reason retro sneakers keep coming back.

White T-Shirts

Cool wardrobe staples: white T-shirts



The ultimate basic.

Structured Bags

A structured bag makes any look feel elegant and pulled-together.

Denim Shirts

Cool wardrobe staples: denim shirts



If you want a button-down with a more casual vibe, go for a denim style.

Baseball Hats

Cool wardrobe staples: baseball caps



Sun protection has never looked so good.

Strappy Heels

Cool wardrobe staples: strappy heels



Strappy heels are the versatile shoe to wear with everything from trousers to dresses.

Classic Sunglasses

Cool wardrobe staples: classic sunglasses



Sunglasses trends can be fleeting, but you can never go wrong with a classic shape like wayfarers.


Cool wardrobe staples: loafers



To wear all year long.

Tailored Blazers

Cool wardrobe staples: tailored blazers



Just add jeans and a button-down top.