These Dream Heels Convert From High to Low and Back Again

Dost our eyes deceive us? It would seem that the fashion gods have finally responded to our secret plea for heels that convert into flats at the end of the night, with Parisian designer Tanya Heath making this fantasy a reality.

Heath designs shoes that come with interchangeable heels—chunky block ones and stilettos, available in a variety of heights. As she tells The Huffington Posther inspiration came when she found herself wearing heels to work even when she was pregnant.

"During my first job here in Paris, I changed out of my ballerina flats and put on high heels for work, and everyone just started ridiculing me and calling me 'la New-Yorkaise,' so I stopped wearing ballerinas in the Metro," she tells HuffPo. "I was only wearing heels, which at that time, we're talking 20 years ago, that's what Parisian women did. And then gradually I started destroying my feet. I had my three children, and I was wearing high heels even while being pregnant just to go to work."

Her solution? Create a line of shoes with convertible heels, aiming to relieve women of their aching feet while at the same time keeping them chic. And we must admit that we're super into some of her creations, which you can see and shop here.

What do you think? Would you wear shoes that had convertible heels? Sound off in the comments below!