19 Shoes to Help You Survive Wedding Season


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Anyone who’s attended a wedding knows the great dilemma when it comes to planning your outfit—choosing comfortable wedding shoes. While it’s easy to reach for that new set of heels you own, even the cutest pair of stilettos might not survive a full day of festivities followed by a night of dancing. Of course, no one wants to be the guest having to forgo the dance floor due to pending blisters either.

With that said, great shoes can be both stylish and comfortable. Whether your next wedding calls for black-tie formal or garden-party chic, there’s a comfortable option for your dress code. From faithful block heels to comfortable mules or slides, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite shoes that’ll be so comfortable you can go the entire day without taking them off. Let your footwear be as comfortable as it is stylish—after all, you need to match rest of your gorgeous ensemble for the big day.