I Wear Slippers Over 50 Hours a Week—These Are the Best Ones

Best slippers



I wear slippers more than I care to admit (except I just did)—even pre-pandemic. I've worked from home for over six years and most of the time I'm wearing slippers. Some are slip-on, some have backs, some (most) are furry, and all are cushiony. While I have a pretty good line-up at any given time, I've been through my fair share of "meh" slippers, so I know what sets a good pair apart from a bad one.

While I haven't tried every pair of slippers include below, I've tried many of them, and have even re-bought certain ones because I loved them a little too much and they lost their sparkle. If you find yourself in need of a new pair of WFH or lounge shoes, a pair to gift, or are just curious about which slippers a fashion editor is passionate about, you've come to the right place. Shop to scroll the 27 pairs I'm vouching for.

I have the fabric pair (see above), but these fluffy ones are even better.

These are ridiculously soft and I save them for the end of the workday as a special treat.

These would make great bedroom (and Instagram) slippers.

The first of a few Ugg slippers on this list.

You can (and should) wear these beauties outside too.

Like hotel slippers (but much better quality).

Fun fact: I'm wearing these right now.

If you prefer slippers that are more shoe-like, these are for you.

At this price, I'd buy these in multiple colors.

What I'd like to be wearing on Christmas morning.

These are the color of a Russian Blue cat, and for that reason, I love them.

Since Birkenstock shoes are always amazing, I know these would be too.

I strongly advise ordering these before they inevitably sell out.

The fashion girl in me is obsessed.

What are you going to keep in the pocket?

Worthy of adding to your next Amazon order.

Nordstrom shoppers are really into these and therefore I'm intrigued.

These would make a lovely gift (to yourself or someone else).