We Wear-Tested These Shoes, and Yep, You Can Comfortably Walk Miles in Them


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Ah, the ongoing struggle to find cute shoes that won't kill your feet and are wearable for hours without any pain. There's a delicate balance to a great pair of shoes, where style doesn't come at the cost of your poor little toes. And it's hard out here, given that more often than not those drool-worthy shoes you just *had* to have spend more time in your closet than on your feet. There's no greater feeling than when you stumble upon a fabulous pair of shoes that goes with any outfit and passes the comfort test. It's a victory that must be shared. 

As fashion editors, we try all kinds of shoes, from the sandals having a huge moment right now to the fashion set's favorite sky-high platforms. And while we love experimenting with new styles, there are a select few tried-and-true pairs of shoes we keep returning to time and again that feel like a dream to wear. Trust—you're going to want to pay attention to the shoes these six editors can't stop obsessing over. Comfort has never looked so chic.



Birkenstock Sandals
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"I have these in both black and brown, and they are the definition of comfortable. They truly mold to your specific foot shape and also happen to go with everything I own. The cherry on top is that my stylish friend asked me if they were one of the designer collabs that Birkenstock does. They're definitely regular old Birkenstocks, but I think the statement buckle makes them look more premium."



Zara Cowboy Boots
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"I'll say it forever—Zara makes great on-trend and comfortable boots. I wear my pairs for years, and they haven't steered me wrong yet."



Vagabond Boots
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"If I sound like a broken record about these boots, it's because my devotion to them truly knows no bounds. They are easily my most-worn shoes not only because the timeless shape goes with everything but also (and most importantly) because I can walk miles and miles in them. Living in NYC, believe me, I have the step count to show for it."


Jimmy Choo Kitten Heels



New Balance Sneakers
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"When I say that these are the most comfortable sneakers I've ever worn, I'm not exaggerating. I bought my first pair two years ago and have worn them so much that I just ordered a fresh new pair to swap in for my very worn-in sneakers."



Birkenstock Sandals
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"This may seem obvious, but my Birkenstock Arizona sandals continue to be my favorite comfortable sandals of all time. They're easy to wear with practically everything in my closet, and they never let me down when it comes to walking long distances. It's hard not to buy them in every color and fabric."

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