I Always Wear Loungewear While Traveling—28 Items I Think Are Comfy and Chic

Over the years, I've been on my fair share of planes. While it's taken a while to nail down my airport routine, I've at least been able to figure out exactly what I'm wearing while traveling on an airplane. I'm of the belief that all airport outfits must be of the utmost comfort. As a fashion editor who loves throwing together a look and jet-setting abroad, I love to find the balance between comfy wear-all-day looks and chic, sophisticated vibes.

I've dug through the vast online retail options across the web to identify some solid loungewear pieces that'll please any fashion lover's heart. Ahead shop comfortable loungewear pieces in soft, creamy colors that will make getting dressed for the airport super seamless.

The internet famous Lululemon scuba will not disappoint. 

There were so many color options with this Gap sweatshirt. 

Pair with the black sweatshirt for a sleek look. 

Always say yes to roomy pants. 

Wide-leg everything, please. 

The corduroy texture must feel very pleasing. 

These corduroy pieces are nice enough for a cute date night on the town. 

Chocolatey brown is such a cozy color. 

French words always look so chic on clothing. 

A cardigan with a hood is so unique. 

Bring on the winter knits. 

These look expensive while being insanely affordable. 

The gathered-sleeve details look super luxe. 

The button details are the perfect touch.