Trust Us: You'll Never Want to Take These Jeans Off

Jeans are a lot like bras: When you come home after a long day, you take off both immediately in favor of something more comfortable. Unfortunately for us fashion girls, rigid jeans are taking the sartorial world by storm, and they show no signs of stopping soon. The ultimate fashion uniform of jeans and a turtleneck becomes ever more ubiquitous during the winter months, and it may seem like we must simply accept our uncomfortable fates for the sake of style.

But we come with good news: Jeans really can be comfortable. No, this isn't some silly old wives tale—it really is possible. Some of our favorite brands have finally achieved the perfect combination of comfort and style, and we're here to spread the good news. Keep scrolling for the 10 best comfortable jean brands (you can thank us later!).

J Brand

J Brand was launched with the specific intention of making women feel good in jeans (a noble cause, if you ask us). Reviews commend the brand for the extra stretchy material each jean is designed with, so they glide on (and off) easily. 


Agolde is an affordable favorite of fashion girls everywhere. Its jeans are typically vintage-inspired and feel like it too with soft, aged and distressed fabrics—just the way we like it. 

Kut From the Kloth

If there's a brand that has it all, it's this one: Reviews praise the brand's jeans for being soft, but structured, stretchy, but not too stretchy. That's the ultimate middle-ground. 

Citizens of Humanity

Citizens of Humanity has forever been known as the ultimate luxurious jean brand. There's a reason this brand has been so well-loved for almost two decades, and its impeccable fits definitely have something to do with it. 

Good American

Good American knew what it was doing when it designed jeans to fit women of all sizes. Customer reviews always mention the brand's stretch and consequent great fit, making them a favorite among shoppers everywhere. 


Levi's was an obvious choice for this list. There is likely no jeans brand that can boast a similar resume of longevity and popularity. Trust decades of comfort and love when it comes to finding your next comfortable jeans brand. 


You can always trust authentic customer reviews, and Grlfrnd's reviews are raving. Praising everything from immaculate fit to comfortable fabrics, it's enough to convince anyone to buy a pair of the brand's jeans. 


Any brand that designs its jeans with super-stretchy denim is a comfortable jean brand in our books. Combined with fitted silhouettes, these jeans are perfect for everyday wear. 


The self-proclaimed inspiration for Frame is "the French approach to 'dressed-up casual," which, if you know anything about us, you know it makes this brand an immediate favorite of WWW editors. 

Apiece Apart

Apiece Apart is more focused on quality, not quantity, which is why it has very few denim styles, but those they do have—like the Merida Pant—are exceptionally comfortable and fit stunningly. The brand's aesthetic—minimalist and versatile—translates into the brand's jeans. 

Now that you have the perfect jeans, try these easy winter jeans outfits. 

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