Grandpa Jeans: The Potent Trend That's Taking Off

Our grandparents clearly know what’s up in the style department. After all, their beloved trends are basically going mainstream these days. In fact, grandma dressing is increasing in popularity for fall 2019: We’re talking tweed, knee-high socks, and so on. But grandma isn’t the only one making waves—grandpa is too. Yep, I can’t thumb through Instagram these days without spotting an It girl wearing “grandpa” jeans.

The grandpa jean silhouette first cropped up in a noteworthy way last season when brands like Sandy Liang debuted a style that’s basically in between “mom” jeans and baggy fits. Basically, this denim cut is straight, tapered, looser in shape (in that ironic “uncool” but cool kind of way), and often features details you might have seen on your grandpa’s go-to jeans, like a carpenter handle on the side.

To show you what we mean, we rounded up a range of fashion girls wearing the potent denim trend you’re about to see everywhere. And if you’re inspired to give them a go to infuse a forward twist into your fall outfit game, we shopped out a few of our favorites we think you’ll be into as well.

Style tip: Team grandpa jeans with another ironic trend like a loose Nike pullover. Pointed slingbacks bring an unexpected feel to the overall vibe. 

Style tip: Tuck an architectural blouse into your loose jeans for a forward night-out fit.

Style tip: Really go for it with the "ugly" trends out there by opting for "dad" sneakers and a fanny pack with your baggy jeans.

Style tip: Toss on a slouchy blazer and polished accessories with your jeans for a streamlined look.

Style tip: Upgrade your off-duty formula by testing this outfit featuring an oversized graphic tee, grandpa jeans, and high-top sneakers. 

Style tip: Bunching your jeans at the hem used to be a "don't," but it's honestly quite cool mixed with chunky trainers.

Style tip: Elevate denim by mixing strappy sandals and a tailored blazer into your vibe.

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