45 Comfortable Flats That Are Exponentially Better Than Their Competitors

Once upon a time, I owned a million pairs of heels. Stiletto heels, block heels, wedge heels, cone heels, kitten heels… I could go on, but I'm already risking sounding like the nut-obsessed dog breeder from Best in Show (who doesn't like a good Christopher Guest reference?). I don't remember exactly when my footwear preferences changed, but one day I woke up and realized I couldn't think of the last time I'd slipped into anything other than my trusty block heels.

That whole pain is pleasure thing? I sort of get it (I'm a lifelong distance runner), but I also stopped following most of my favorite perennially underachieving sports teams years ago because I firmly believe escapism should be fun, not emotionally draining. I'm also one of those rare Angelenos who enjoys getting around on foot (when possible); thus, I need the shoes I wear to the office to get me through a long lunch-break walk without inducing blisters.

All that to say I appreciate flats and I can tell you with authority which ones are truly comfortable. Keep on reading for 45 comfortable pairs of flats at every price point—they're all exponentially better than their competitors.

Clearly comfortable—designed for walking, in fact.

Time to replace my old black Gucci mules with this fun Hawaiian print?

I also own these (very, very comfortable) flats in black and am ready for a pastel upgrade.

My favorite sneaker style from my favorite sneaker brand in my favorite color.

Who said black and white was boring? Who would dare?

I know there's a slight Cuban heel on these, but I found them in the "flats" section of MyTheresa. I don't make the rules, people.

Some prefer sneakers; as for me, this is my off-duty shoe style of choice.

I've had my eyes on these for a while now, thanks to the emergence of the crochet trend.

After fully thrashing a similar Zara style earlier this year, I'm thinking it's high time I invest in these.

Patent always adds an expensive-looking touch.

I'm only slightly exaggerating when I say that I need these.

The rectangular vamp on these baby-blue mules is the perfect touch.

Love a dramatic buckle and a dramatic hue.

The cheapest entry point into the snakeskin trend (not that you'd be able to tell on sight).

I don't have to tell you leopard print continues to trend.

Saving these new-season stunners for the first hint of warm weather.

I've never seen a pair of creepers I didn't like. (Yes, I'm allowing flatforms into the flats category.)

Because the '90s are still having a moment.

More mock croc, this time in an arresting red hue.

This sturdy style will last for seasons and seasons.

Spotted these Miista beauties on super sale, and I'm now feeling grateful for L.A.'s mild climes.

Did I mention I really like Dr. Martens? (The animal print is only a bonus.)

You can't go wrong with a pair of white loafers.

Some of my all-time-favorite flat-shoe purchases have been from COS.

Did I mention I really like mock croc? Especially in this great green hue.

In case the tropical-print pair you saw earlier isn't quite your thing.

Slithering into these snakeskin loafers.

Love this warm winter color and the slight sculptural heel.

I've been pushing these for months, and you can't stop me now.

ICYMI, cult bag brand Boyy now makes shoes.

I've lost track of how many slingback black flats I've accrued in my wardrobe.

Dorateymur owns the loafer mule category.

Look closely and you'll see a nod to the Western trend.

Next up, see my roundup of the best tights under $40, because cold weather has officially arrived.