These 15 Boots Were Literally Made for Walking


(Image credit: @handinfire)

When it comes to walking more than a few blocks, our sneakers take the top spot on the comfortable shoe chart. With the right amount of support, style, and practicality, they comfortably take us to and from our destinations. What’s not to love? However, sometimes your outfit calls for a more elevated choice. Because as much as sneaker culture has grown, it’s always nice to also have another pair of shoes that can be both comfortable and stylish—especially during the colder months. Enter: boots.

Now, don’t envision 5-inch heels. We’re talking about boots that lay low just like your favorite kicks and if they do happen to have a heel, it’s bulky enough to give you the support you need to walk the walk with no breaks. From classic Chelsea boots, over-the-knee hybrids, and trusty black ankle boots, there’s a pick out there that will give your sneakers a run for their money—and it just so happens we rounded up 15 of them. Scroll on to find the best comfortable boots for walking that will change the game and give your sneakers a well-deserved break.

Classic Boots 

Not-Your-typical Soled Boots

Statement Boots

We’re wearing this boot trend all through winter.