29 Brand-New Sneakers From Nike, Adidas, and More

You're probably as tired of hearing the term "athleisure" as I am, but it happens to be even more relevant these days. With very few reasons to dress up right now, sweatpants are the trend du jour (along with floaty dresses and comfy linen pants every once in a while). But any of these pieces can always be worn with the ultimate failsafe staple: sneakers.

I have to admit that I'm quite the creature of habit when it comes to sneakers. I keep repurchasing the same Vans Authentic Sneakers ($50) and Superga Cotu Sneakers ($65) after they get too beat up to look presentable. But variety is the spice of life, right? I've committed to buying myself a shiny new pair of sneakers to boost my mood. Below, I've rounded up the coolest sneakers that have just arrived from Nike, Gucci, Veja, Adidas, and Fila. Some are new spins on old favorites, while others are fresh styles that are destined to become cult favorites. 


Coolest Sneakers to Buy Right Now


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Is it just me, or are these colors giving off some Fresh Prince of Bel-Air vibes?

This neon yellow is called Lemon Venom, which is also the name of my new band. 

Why yes, I do want my shoes to be the colors of an '80s indoor shopping mall. In all seriousness, these sneakers are very rad and definitely Instagrammable. 

Who needs Yeezy sneakers when you have these bad boys? 

Pastel colors are very on trend for summer, and I love this mix of pale blue and turquoise. 

The Daybreak Sneakers were originally released in 1979 but are just as cool in 2020. 

Again, I'm obsessed with pastels for summer. These cute sneakers just might convince me to work out more. 

Zoom in: Those are cute rainbow-striped polka dots inside the famous swoosh symbol. 

These are great for running, to be sure, but who couldn't use a little extra height from this generous padding?


Coolest Adidas Sneakers


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These pale-pink sneakers are great to wear with colorful matching bra-and-legging sets. 

These shoes are a collaboration between Adidas and Girls Are Awesome, a brand that seeks to increase female representation. The purple-and-orange color scheme is a fun update to these iconic sneakers. 

Fancy a flatform? These sneaks are also from the Girls Are Awesome collab. 

Leave it to Stella McCartney to create the most fun pair of running shoes ever. 

You can never go wrong with black and gold. 


Coolest Fila Sneakers


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Fila's most iconic shoes got a very summer 2020 update. In case you haven't noticed, tie-dye is the trend du jour over on TikTok

I'd try the tonal trend with these sneakers and wear them with different shades of tan and beige. 

I love the juxtaposition of chunky shoes and soft pastel colors. 

The Fila logo just got a cool new update.


Coolest Gucci Sneakers to Buy Now


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I feel like Chrissie Evert could have worn these around Wimbledon in the '70s. 

They also come in this perfect pale-yellow colorway. 

Polka dots and Gucci logos go together like bread and butter. 

The logo every fashion girl can spot a mile away. 

Leave it to Gucci to continually reinvent its iconic logo. 


Coolest New Sneakers to Buy for Summer


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Veja counts Meghan Markle among its fans, and it's easy to see why: The brand is sustainable and chic in a very timeless way. 

I love an unexpected color combo, like this chartreuse-and-magenta pairing. 

Veja's first entry into the high-top-sneaker world. 

These new sneakers are a welcome throwback to the '70s. 

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