3 Colors That Go Perfectly With Every Shade of Blue


(Image credit: @thora_valdimars)

When it comes to our favorite colors to style, blue's pretty high up the list. Whether it's pale blue, navy, or a bright cobalt blue, it's hard not to find colors that look great with this primary shade. However, there are three colors in particular that we love combining with this moody hue. Ahead, we highlighted which blue hue goes best with what color, and which items are best for slowly incorporating these color combos into your wardrobe. Whether you want to keep the pop of color within your accessories, try out bright new garments, or keep your entire wardrobe in the blue circle, there’s a piece for you just waiting to be styled.

Light Blue + Red

Light blue, pale blue, or pastel blue… Whatever you like to call it, it goes great with a pop of red.


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Not a Canadian tux, but close.

Cobalt Blue + Mustard

Don't be afraid to pair two bright colors. Au contraire—by matching mustard and cobalt blue, you get a fun, bright outfit that isn't for the faint of heart. 


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Always done for a pop of color (or two). 

We're all about color-blocking, and these two are great for just that—while still being on the subtler side of this bold trend. 


(Image credit: @thora_valdimars)

Living Color might be Pantone's 2019 color, but we still love a good Ultra Violet piece.

Deep Blue + Sky Blue

Never forget that the color blue will always look good with other hues in the blue spectrum. Experiment with them and be delighted with the outcome. 


(Image credit: @josephinebredsted)

I'm blue, daba dee daba die.

It's time you give this unexpected color combo a try too.