25 Pale Blue Dresses Your Wardrobe Needs This Fall

By now, you've heard of all the color trends that are supposedly on the quest to dethrone millennial pink. Whether it's Gen Z yellow, melodramatic purple, or safety orange, there always seems to be one color that you start seeing everywhere until it slowly infiltrates your wardrobe.

The newest shade to join the ranks of this colorful crew? Pale blue—especially among dresses this fall. Maybe it's because as the days grow colder, we'll yearn for the clear blue skies of a summer day, or maybe it's because we aren't afraid of experimenting with a paler shade among autumn's typical red and yellows, but we're welcoming this fresh hue with open arms.

Ahead, find 25 dresses that are a good place to start for incorporating this color into your wardrobe.

Stock up now before it's too late.

Opening Image: @freddieharrel