Colored Diamond Engagement Rings—Think About It

Colored diamond or gemstone engagement rings—have you ever really thought about the idea? If you're content with the tradition of a classic diamond engagement ring, we support your opinion full-heartedly, but for those of you wondering if something in a slightly different hue is cool or acceptable, we're here to tell you it absolutely is. "There will always be those few looking for something other than a diamond," Olivia Landau, jeweler and founder of The Clear Cut, tells us. If you're one of "those few," we've shopped out our favorite colored diamond and gemstone engagement rings for you below. 

Before you decide to commit to this alternative engagement ring style, Olivia (who is quickly becoming one of Who What Wear's resident diamond experts, might I add) has some noteworthy insider tips and tricks for you to know:

"If you plan on wearing your engagement ring daily (as most do), the best stones for colored stone engagement rings are definitely those higher on the Mohs hardness scale like rubies and sapphires. I think the reason diamonds were always the traditional preferred gemstone of choice for an engagement ring was because it is extremely difficult to scratch or break a diamond (since they are the "hardest" gemstone). I would do a bit of research if you are drawn to a particular colored stone and make sure it is at least an eight or nine on the Mohs hardness scale because it would be tragic to have your gemstone chip or break!"

So before you dive into our favorite diamond and colored engagement rings below, keep Olivia's advice in mind, but also get a little creative and have a little fun. If you're (hopefully) going to be wearing this ring for the rest of your life, you want to be sure it's the perfect ring for you

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