Winter Vacations, Commence: All the Cute Cold-Weather Finds Hiding on Amazon


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I really don't like cold weather. For someone who is from Chicago, stayed on the East Coast for school, and now lives in New York City, I really didn’t plan that very well. Even as I write this, my hands are terribly dry, my lips are chapped, and my hair is all staticky. The heat in my apartment is too hot, but without it, I’m too cold, and so the list of winter woes goes on. Yet despite my disdain for frigid temperatures, there is still one reason keeping me in it: winter clothes.

Seriously, I love cold-weather clothing. Chunky scarves, puffer bombers, fuzzy socks—something about it all really appeals to me. I love curling up on our couch in a head-to-toe sherpa ensemble feeling like I’m entering my own hibernation den. There’s no better feeling than ultimate coziness, which you just can’t get in any other season. I mean, maybe I’m slightly obsessed with sherpa and my favorite animals are polar bears, but cozy hibernation seems to suit me.

So in order to mentally prepare for the winter, I scoured the internet looking for the best cold-weather clothing on the market. This year, I hit the jackpot. After searching across a variety of websites, I found myself spending the most time scrolling through Amazon’s endless options of quality winter clothing. To save you the hours of searching, I rounded up all of the cute cold-weather finds hiding on Amazon below.

Despite all my winter qualms, I really can’t see myself moving anywhere without all four seasons anytime soon. As much as I love a good beach vacation or long summer nights, without the cold weather, I would not appreciate the warmer months as much. So I think I’ll stay in New York for a little while longer.

Plus, what would I do with all of my cute cold-weather clothing? 


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