15 Wool Blanket Scarves You Didn't Know You Needed

We all know that as soon as fall creeps in, it's time to start dusting off our scarves. Sure, we might not need them during the early weeks of this season, but one can be too prepared. From plaid scarves and cashmere wraps to oversize options, our scarf repertoire is ever growing. One style we bet you didn't know you needed to add to your collection? A wool blanket scarf—the bigger, the better.

Seeing as the word "blanket" is already in its name, one can assume the trend is one of the coziest around. Its oversize shape makes for a dramatic statement piece to add to any ensemble while also allowing the wearer to feel truly nuzzled up. Like pajama dressing or athleisure trends, this accessory will provide maximum comfort, function, and style all at once. If you like the idea of feeling like you never left your bed, we've got you covered ahead, with 15 of the best wool blanket scarves.

If you can't decide on one color, this scarf is for you.

Say hello to perfect, deep autumnal colors.

We're into this cold-weather pastel shade.

Add a pop of color to all your winter outfits with this yellow scarf. 

FYI: An unexpected plaid color combo will work well with endless outfits.

Consider this scarf a worthy investment piece.

We all know plaid is the print of the season. 

Bring on all the unexpected plaid combos.

For those who love to clash.

Now bundle up!

Opening Image: @ada_oguntodu

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