I Moved to NY Without a Winter Coat–These Are the Ones I Want to Buy

Affordable coats - Adenorah



I moved to New York from L.A. last week… You might be wondering why I decided to take this leap right before temperatures drop on the East Coast, especially given that I'm a native Southern Californian. The short answer is that the timing was right and I was ready for a change. My wardrobe, however? Not so ready. I've never owned a coat, rain boots—anything warmer than a light cashmere sweater, really. (Sidenote: This article on winter style in NYC has been helpful so far.)

Here's what I've learned in my week of research: When it comes to winter dressing, nothing is more essential than a stylish coat or two. So I did a deep dive into all of the coats available right now, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are so many amazing options at an affordable price. I'm sharing my finds with you on the off-chance that you, too, are looking for a way to stay cozy and chic this winter, but also just in case your warm-weather wardrobe needs a little lift. Shop the 23 affordable coats I'm eyeing below.

Top off your outfit with this chic checkered print.

You can't go wrong with a black wrap coat.

This color gray stands out from the rest of the sherpa coats we're seeing this season.

We all know Uniqlo kills the winter wardrobe game.

Pretend you borrowed this from your Grandma's closet.

A full-coverage coat offers great utility. Plus, I love the plaid lining.

This faux-fur coat looks so expensive (but it isn't)

A classic puffer with a little edge.

Simple, elegant, and completely versatile.

You might not think you need a patent-pink coat, but trust me, you do.

A socially appropriate way to basically wear a blanket.

Because rain coats are important too.

The animal-print trend isn't going anywhere.

Perfect over a chunky sweater and your favorite jeans.