If You Live in Australia, You Should Own This Swimsuit

Facts are facts, Australia—we have one of the highest rates of melanoma in the world. The third most common cancer diagnosed in Australian women, it kills more young people in our country than any other single cancer. Worryingly, though survival has improved, rates of diagnosis are rising.

As members of a generation who grew up hearing ‘80s sun safety icon Sid the Seagull preach a message that captured the changing zeitgeist of the time—Slip, Slop, Slap—we’re committed to ending this deadly disease. Our goal is to encourage you to take the steps necessary to help prevent the 95% of melanomas caused by the sun. We’re talking: Daily application and reapplication of broad-spectrum sunscreen, wearing hats, sunglasses and cover-ups, finding shade during peak sun intensity hours, having regular specialist skin checks, and knowing how to stay alert to changes in your body.

It’s estimated that one person dies every five hours from melanoma in Australia, and that’s not okay. The moment to #CallTimeOnMelanoma has arrived, and we’re blowing the end of game whistle.

Do you, like most of Australia, spend the majority of your weekends either at the beach, or by the pool? If you answer yes. Keep reading. We’ve always been told to wear sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses in summer to protect our skin, but what you should also also be wearing, is clothing made with either SPF, or UPF.

Brands have been adding SPF (Sun Protection Barrier) or UPF (Ultra-Violet Protection Barrier) to their collections over the last few years and as Australians, these are the most important pieces we could own. Swimwear and activewear are the most popular markets for SPF and UPF clothing, with labels like Matteau and The Upside incorporating the technology into some of its pieces.

Whether you’re going for a run, a high-intensity work out, or simply lazing by the water this season, wearing sunscreen, a hat and clothing with an SPF or UPF barrier is essential to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays and keep your skin in top shape.

Keep reading to shop the best SPF and UPF pieces from Matteau to add to your summer wardrobe.

Brown swimwear is very on-trend, so adopt a brown swimsuit with SPF?

A long sleeve swim top you can wear to the beach, or beyond.

A comfortable crop top that keeps you protected. 

This high-waist brief is perfect for lazing by the pool. 

Opening Image: Lucy Williams