This Is My Last Year in My 20s—Basics and Fun Thrills I Want Before I Turn 30


@dawn.tan; PICTURED: Who What Wear Collection Bri Double-Breasted Blazer ($185)

I feel pretty indifferent about turning 30. I wish I was one of those people who believes that your 30s are your new 20s, but as the new decade approaches, what I feel most of all is nostalgia. So in order to raise my spirits and get me feeling how I should about finally turning 30, I decided to make my last year in my 20s extra special, at least sartorially speaking. Below, you will see a list of clothing items I've decided need to be a part of my life this year. Will I actually buy all 29 items? Definitely not. But the overall list, which is a mix of basics and fun thrills, will give you a glimpse into how I plan on dressing this year and beyond. 

With the "big-girl" bags and trendy tops in this roundup, you'll quickly realize that I don't plan on changing my style much as I age. Instead, I plan to really lean into the pieces that make me feel most like myself. Style is tied to identity, not age, so take this list as more of a celebration of me entering into this next chapter because if there's one thing in this world that I get way too excited over, it's clothes.

Basic: Leather Tote

I have yet to invest in a really nice leather bag, and this Jil Sander tote might be my first. 

Fun Thrill: Statement Sweater

The cutouts on this sweater are on-trend but also extremely sophisticated. 

Basic: Faux-Leather Pants

Brown faux-leather pants have been on my wish list for quite some time now.

Fun Thrill: Wavy Prints

This retro wavy print will definitely age well. 

Basic: Flat Boots

While black would certainly be the most "basic" choice, I have no doubt I would get just as much wear out of this rich green hue. 

Fun Thrill: Checkered Jacket

This jacket, in particular, has been haunting my dreams for way too long, so I think it's safe to finally add it to my cart. 

Basic: Striped Shirt

I might already own too many button-down shirts, but this chocolate version is next on my list. 

Fun Thrill: Occasion Heels

Ever since I saw Hailey Bieber wear the white version of these to her rehearsal dinner, I fell in love. 

Basic: Simple Mini

While miniskirts might be a current trend, they also fall under the basics category, and this sleek black one has an extremely long shelf life if you ask me. 

Fun Thrill: Designer Baseball Cap

Some might call spending $300 on a baseball hat absurd, but I call it an adventure. 

Basic: White T-Shirt

I'll likely still be searching for the perfect white T-shirt when I'm 60, but for now, this Who What Wear Collection bodysuit is the best on the market. 

Basic: Formal Get-Up

Buy this and you'll have any formal or black-tie event covered. 

Fun Thrill: Two-Tone Jeans

A moment of silence for the coolest jeans I've seen in a while. 

Basic: Bold Blazer

From the color to the shape, this blazer can truly do no wrong. 

Fun Thrill: Shearling Shoes

The perfect shoes to wear during a Los Angeles "winter." 

Basic: Jersey Top

There's nothing like a simple and comfortable top that looks naturally stunning. 

Fun Thrill: Cutout Turtleneck

Speaking of stunning tops, this new Nanushka cutout turtleneck could not have caught my attention faster. 

Basic: Knee-High Boots

These boots are an office favorite for a reason. 

Fun Thrill: Tailored Vest

I'm trying to jump on this trend before it's too late.

Fun Thrill: Chunky Mules

I've been noticing this shape pop up everywhere lately. 

Basic: The Perfect LBD

My friend recently wore this dress in red, and let me tell you, the photos don't do it justice. 

Fun Thrill: Crochet Jacket

I have a feeling this cardigan will somehow solve all my problems. 

Basic: Chunky Loafers

I don't care what anyone says—chunky loafers are officially a basic. 

Fun Thrill: Contrast-Stitch Jeans

Emma Chamberlain would wear these. Therefore, I would wear them. 

Basic: Black Belt
Fun Thrill: Velvet Shirt

This new Who What Wear Collection top looks so expensive and came out just in time for the holidays. 

Basic: Relaxed Trousers
Fun Thrill: Faux-Leather Coat