I Got Rid of 75% of My Closet—6 Items I'm Over and the 6 I'm Ready to Purchase

After listening to Summer Walker’s new album top to bottom, I realized much of her sentiments applied to how I'm currently feeling about my closet. Gone are the days of investing in things that do not reciprocate my same energy back (and become unwearable after only a few washes). After such a transformational year, I really just want to throw everything away and start from scratch. This time around, I’ll be investing in pieces that aren't just right now but that will loyally stick by my side for a lifetime. 

The vibe going into 2022 is keeping the outfits more simple and classic and amping up my accessories game to give my outfits that extra oomph. Among the items on my wishlist include everything from menswear-inspired tailored pants that everyone is wearing lately and leather trench coats that feel very appropriate given the upcoming reboot of The Matrix. Keep scrolling to find the best items in each category and some outfit inspiration as well.

On Pause: High-Rise Pants

Closet update 2022: low-rise pants


Don't get me wrong, high-rise jeans will always have a spot in my closet, but I'm only really interested in adding low and mid-rise pants from here on out. This throwback style is a fresh choice that will automatically update the tops and blazers you have in your closet.

Closet update 2022: mid-rise pants



Relaxed, slouchy, baggy pants are the best pant style coming out of this year, IMO. 

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The wide-leg looks just as cute with heels as it does with sneakers.

These sit perfectly at the hip bone. 

On Pause: Neutral Bags

Closet update 2022: colorful bags



Given the direction I'm going with my wardrobe, a pop of color in my bags only makes sense. Yes, the nude and black colored bags go with everything, but I'd argue a solid color like these bags do too. Plus, they're way more fun and let you experiment with color theory without too much thought.

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The Gucci Diana bag, named after the princess, was just rereleased this summer and will definitely keep a high resale value. And it's the coolest.

The architectural shape is so post-modern. I love it.

Closet update 2022: hardware-inspired jewelry


Hardware-inspired jewelry adds so much drama to any look, which makes it a winner in my book. Layer them up when you're going out or just keep it simple with one for a chic daytime look.

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The closure looks like a beetle, no? So precious.

Mix and match silver and gold for a one-of-a-kind moment.

On Pause: Shrunken Jackets

Closet update 2022: leather trench coat


Trench coats are one thing, but leather trench coats are an entirely different beast. They look so badass and elevate your entire outfit. I'm particularly in the market for super-long ones that float when you walk. I favor styling them with short skirts and tall boots.

On Pause: White Sneakers

Call me old school, but I miss the sneakers that we can actually run in. They are also way more comfortable than their non-exercise counterparts. Plus, cross-trainers come in such cool color combinations that will add some interest to your outfit.

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If you're going to get a white pair of sneakers, make it these Salomons.

On Pause: Midi Skirts

Closet update 2022: maxi skirts


Maxi skirts are here to stay, folks. Fashion girls from cities across the globe have been choosing the style over midi skirts and it's no wonder why. They look so chic and pulled together and can be worn with everything from strappy sandals to loafers.

Closet update 2022: maxi skirts


Taking a lesson from menswear as mentioned earlier, I'm loving the tailored maxi-skirt trend.

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This one is going to sell out quick. It even comes with the cutest belt.

I'd wear this with my tallest heels.