Let's Get to It: 6 Spring Jacket Trends You Need to Know in 2022


As tempting as it is to jump directly to the no-layers stage of the year, we're not quite there yet. The fact is it's still cold—or at the very least chilly—so while your puffer coats get a much-needed timeout, it's time to bring some lighter alternatives into the mix, aka jackets.

And like most bits of fashion, jackets go through the trend cycle, with certain styles waning and others gaining momentum. It's been hard to ignore the sudden popularity of the bomber jacket, with celebs including Hailey Bieber and Rihanna backing the trend in a big way. Logo-embossed denim jackets have also been brought into focus with a lot of help from designers Balenciaga and Versace. Plenty of other jacket styles have been buzzing on the scene, so let's get to it, shall we?

Leather Bombers


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With endorsements from some of fashion's favorite It girls, there's no way the leather bomber jacket could not be a thing. And indeed it is—more and more brands have come out of the woodwork with their own takes on it in the past month alone. This time it's about going for a slouchy, oversize fit reminiscent of the kind of jackets dads used to wear in the '90s. 

High-Impact Shades


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I already touched on the increased attention bright, saturated shades have been getting lately, and that certainly translates for jackets. Prada's purple bomber jacket quickly became a cult favorite among the fashion crowd last year, spawning a slew of equally colorful toppers. Opting for bold hues feels unexpected and fresh, which may explain why they've been such a hit this year.

Moto Jackets


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"Dad" jackets seem to be the main theme here, and I'm not mad. Another entry in the category of jackets that are ironically cool right now is the humble moto jacket. While leather jackets are a bona fide wardrobe staple, this take features a motocross-inspired spin. 

Baseball Varsity Jackets


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Riding the sporty wave, varsity jackets are another big trend of the season. It teeters toward fashion's preoccupation with all things oversize, so it's no surprise that it's found fans with tastemakers and celebs alike. 

Logo Denim


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Just by looking at this trend, it's pretty self-explanatory why it's been a front-runner of the jacket game. Fashion people (myself included) tend to love logos, and when you add a classic staple to the mix, it's bound to get people's attention. If you're privy to streetwear looks, it's definitely a trend worth investing in. 

Cloud Jackets


(Image credit: @taniceelizabeth)

Back for another round in the spotlight is the quilted jacket. Soft, plush yet lightweight, it's the ultimate option for people who hate to walk around in heavy, bulky layers. A popular way to style them seems to be with athleisure-inspired pieces or casual separates, and fashion people have been eating them up.

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