9 Fashion Items to Ditch If You Want to Be More Stylish


Collage Vintage

In the fashion world, it’s a constant revolving door of trends. What’s in one season might feel a little tired the next. Then something you never thought you would see make a comeback (hello, low-rise jeans) will probably return again sometime down the line. When you’re ready for a closet clean out, this can make it tough to know what to keep and what to get rid of for good.

Ahead we’re breaking down all the pieces to remove in a closet purge. These are the items that any 20-something or 30-something can confidently ditch without having any future regrets. Some of these—like body-con dresses—might have been worn in past years at a club. Others—like a laptop bag—could be in your current arsenal but have much more stylish alternatives. Want to find out the top items that made our cut for a closet clean out?

Keep reading to find out the pieces you can add to your donation pile.