7 Game-Changing Tips That Helped Me Organize My Closet for Good

I recently moved into a new apartment, and let me just say that it's been a challenge to organize my closet. As a fashion editor, I have quite a bit of clothing, which can be difficult (and tiring) to sort through. But as getting dressed in the morning became increasingly frustrating because I could never find anything, I decided it was time to finally fully organize my closet. When my closet is clean, my outfits start to get better. Not only can I see everything, but my mind is also less cluttered because I don't have to stare at the clothes everywhere. While I prefer things to be organized, my closet has always been my biggest battle, so I put together tips that I used. If I can do it, so can you—trust me.

Below, alongside tips to use in your closet-organization journey, you'll find products that will make everything a lot easier. Think stackable storage bins, racks that use vertical space, and so much more.

1. Dedicate a Full Day to Organizing, Organizing, and Organizing


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While it may be tempting to organize here and there, this may end up leaving you feeling more stressed than content. Instead of picking at your closet sporadically, dedicate a full day or two to decluttering and organizing your pieces. It may seem like a large chunk of time, but it'll be completed quicker and leave you happier.

2. Organize by Product and Then Color


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We've all seen the Instagrammable closets organized by color, but it's never worked out for me when I've tried it. Instead, I like to sort my pieces into categories and then by color within that grouping.

3. Use Coordinating Hangers


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Even if you have organized your clothing, mismatched hangers can keep everything looking off. I like to buy my hangers in bulk from the same source to keep everything looking neat.

4. Keep Smaller Items in Storage Boxes 


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In my moving process, I realized how many small accessories or pieces I've lost or forgot I even had since they were thrown around in drawers. I didn't want to lose track of them again, so I made sure to invest in storage solutions that kept them in place and were easily accessible.

5. Stack Thick Items Like Sweatshirts or Jeans


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While some may like to hang thick items like denim or sweaters, I find it can be difficult, especially if your closet size is on the smaller end like mine. To keep them stacked without falling over, consider buying dividers.

6. Steam or Iron Your Clothes Before Hanging

I know it takes a bit more work, but keeping things ironed or steamed before you hang them is worth it. It add to the appearance, and when you're in a rush to get dressed and grab a dress that's not crumpled, you'll thank me.

7. Optimize Vertical Storage


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When you own a lot of items but have minimal closet space, you have to get creative with your storage solutions. Use vertical space as much as possible. You can hang storage solutions on your closet door, put storage boxes under the bed, or store shoes and bags on higher shelving.

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