How to Organize Your Tiny Closet Like an Expert

There’s little point in owning a gorgeous bag or dress if you can’t find it in your closet when you’re getting dressed. A clean, well-organized wardrobe—instead of a confusing, jumbled mess of clothes and accessories—means you’ll maximize all your sartorial purchases, and come up with polished, carefully considered outfits even on hectic mornings. How can you possibly think to wear that one cool shirt you own if you can't even spot it among your other pieces?

But we know the task of decluttering your wardrobe can be overwhelming. Which is why we've enlisted the expertise of Andrea Rapke, founder of The Organized Move, and Melanie Charlton, CEO and creative director of Clos-ette. These two professionals are sharing their ultimate tips and tricks when for organizing your clothes, shoes, bags and everything else. Whether you have a walk-in closet or an NYC-sized studio apartment, you'll gain clarity on how to approach the often daunting task of gutting, cleaning and re-organizing your closet. They don't call it spring-cleaning for nothing.

If you're in need of further closet inspiration, learn how celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Miranda Kerr organize their closets.

This post was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.