I Polled My Mom, Sister, and Friends—Peep Their Zara Shopping Carts


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There are very few people I know who can resist the allure of Zara; I'm definitely not one of them. I find that whenever the retailer gets brought up in conversation, whether it's with my mom or a group of friends, it's met with an instant, "Ugh, I love Zara." Because of its universal appeal, I often wonder how my current purchases compare to what I'll be buying from the retail 10 years from now. Obviously Zara offers cool pieces at affordable prices, but I was curious what other age groups look for when they walk into the store. To dig a little deeper, I polled my friends, sister, mother, and family friends from all different age brackets to find out what they're buying from Zara right now. I left their names out to spare their shopping secrets but noted their quotes and shopping picks below. Keep reading to see and shop the 20 pieces women of all ages are buying from Zara. 


"I love Zara for cool trend pieces that I don't want to spend a ton of money on. They also make fun going-out tops and good basics like tees and tanks, so I usually stock up on those from the TRF section."


"Nobody can resist a good Zara find, but I hate having the same pieces as everyone else. For this reason, I usually stick to solid basics from Zara—like a great coat or bodysuit that's just nondescript enough that everyone won't immediately know it's Zara. The only exception I'll make is for its dresses. They're just too good."


"I absolutely love shopping at Zara. You can make an exciting new purchase with zero guilt. I've always had great luck in the shoe department and adore its blazers and coats. The brand's costume jewelry is also an underrated category."


"I always find the prettiest blouses at Zara, from beautiful prints to elegant details like bows and buttoned cuffs. I also like its trouser selection and unique sweaters—they're gorgeous."


"I don't do a ton of shopping these days, but when I do it's usually to replace an item I'm fond of but has gotten too worn in. I like Zara's selection of blazer jackets because it has a wide variety. I also always find good basic accessories like scarves and gloves at reasonable prices." 

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Caitlin Burnett
Contributing Editor