The Ageless Spring Capsule Wardrobe: 13 Outfits, Each Under $250

Ageless spring capsule wardrobe


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I've never been one to embrace uniform dressing, although I admire those who do, like Anna Wintour. While I appreciate the ease of it, I like my wardrobe to have a little more variety. Almost as easy as a go-to uniform (but far more fun) is a capsule wardrobe. If you want to look current for spring but don't want to spend a ton of time or money figuring out what you need to create fresh outfits for the season, a capsule wardrobe is your saving grace. And as I've done before, I put one together for you. This time around, though, I'm leaning more toward classic than trendy.

The beauty of a classic-leaning capsule wardrobe is that it truly works for any age group. These outfits consist of elevated basics like blazers, floral-print dresses, and denim. I did my due diligence and found some of my favorite affordable pieces to create them with for you. So go ahead and dig through your existing wardrobe, and if you're lacking in any pieces needed to re-create these 13 perfect outfits, consider the hard work already done for you. Scroll on to shop everything you need for a classic, ageless spring capsule wardrobe (and discover the outfits that can come of it).

1. Blazer + Slip Skirt + Mule Sandals

This sophisticated outfit will easily take you from the office to dinner.

2. Baseball Cap + Polo + Utility Pants + Sneakers

While this casual off-duty look is filled with trends, it remains classic.

3. '70s Sunglasses + Neutral Dress + Platform Sandals

Make a neutral dress look even chicer with the addition of playful accessories.

4. Puff-Sleeve Top + Wide-Leg Jeans + Mule Sandals

This is an outfit you'll wear over and over—whether it's day or night.

5. Cardigan + White Tee + Chain Necklace + Utility Pants + Sneakers

Pastels look particularly cool with utilitarian pieces.

6. Jumpsuit + Ballet Flats

If you want to stock your closet with simple outfits, this jumpsuit is for you.

7. Button-Down Skirt + Denim Midi Skirt + Socks + Mule Sandals

The addition of the socks makes this classic outfit a bit more 2022.

8. White Tee + Belt + Long Shorts + Platform Sandals

Long shorts are here to stay, so don't hesitate to invest in a pair.

9. '70s Sunglasses + Floral-Print Dress + Sneakers

The perfect warm-weather weekend outfit (in our opinion).

10. Blazer + Utility Pants + Platform Sandals

A blazer makes everything casual feel a little more professional.

11. Vest + Wide-Leg Jeans + Mule Sandals

A vest as a top is a fresh, unexpected choice with denim.

12. Black Midi Dress + Ballet Flats

Some days, you just can't be bothered with a lot of accessories. With this outfit, you don't need them.

13. Puff-Sleeve Top + Denim Midi Skirt + Platform Sandals

Expect to get lots of compliments when wearing this pretty, versatile top.

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