I'm Always Catching a Flight, and I Swear By This Travel Capsule Wardrobe


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This is your sign to book that flight. Spring is the best time of the year to catch the travel bug and add a few vacations to your calendar. The winter hibernation is beginning to come to a close, and you're likely ready to go out and about again. I recently took a bicoastal flight to visit family and have to applaud my packing skills. For once, I truly had everything I needed and found it easy to get out the door every morning while living out of my suitcase. And I certainly didn't overpack. I wore nearly every item that I brought along with me.

How did I do it? The pieces you'll find in the below capsule wardrobe ended up laying down the groundwork. I then topped off my suitcase with a "statement piece" for every day to build outfits around. I honestly could have gone a month without coming back home since there were so many outfits that I could make out of what I ended up packing, so I have to share with you the ultimate spring capsule wardrobe, tested and approved by me.


1. Trench Coat

You'll never regret buying a trench coat. I've been wearing mine for a year or two, and I know we have a lifetime together to look forward to. 


2. Blazer

Speaking of outerwear, you also can't spend your week away without a good blazer. For me, something that feels slightly different than what everybody else is wearing is a standout in this category.


3. Midi Dress

I feel like nothing looks more elegant than a sophisticated midi dress. While I love my minis, choosing this style for my travels left me with no regrets. It's so easy to throw on before you head out for your adventures. 


4. Wide-Leg Trousers

I've said this before, and I'll say it again: Wide-leg trousers are so elevated. When getting dressed for my flight, I almost pulled on sweatpants but talked myself into loose trousers, and I was so glad I did. I got many compliments without ditching comfort.


5. Retro Sneakers

When traveling, you can't forget a good pair of sneakers. I like to pack a pair that feels stylish but could also work for a light jog. This way, I don't have to bring two pairs of sneakers with me. Retro is the trend fashion editors are unanimously loving right now, so shop the below picks.


6. Wearable Heels

I love my sneakers, but nine times out of 10, I'm going to wear heels. My legs deserve some emphasis, and heels obviously take any look to the next level. Comfort is definitely important here because you sometimes don't come back for hours when you leave your hotel for the day. You're in good hands with the below picks.


7. Shoulder Bag

You're on vacation, so you deserve to be hands-free. Shoulder bags have my heart and soul right now. I don't leave the house without one. I'm loving a strong silhouette and shape to make it feel elevated.


8. Statement Blouse

Don't we all love a good top? Ruching, puff sleeves, cutouts, and saturated colors make them even better. Having one on hand is a must, especially when you have multiple bottoms you can pair it with. 


9. Polished Jeans

And I must leave you with a good pair of jeans. If your current collection is missing a polished pair, then you're in luck. When I say polished, I mean a pair of jeans that can easily feel dressed up when you add tailoring and kitten heels. The below picks are pretty good.


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