10 Editors on Their Favorite Classic Nail Polish Shades of All Time

It’s been a while, but I’m finally excited about nail polish again. Aside from a few at-home manicures I've attempted, I’ve mostly kept my nails bare this past year. But with things slowly starting to re-open and more summer plans on the horizon, I simply cannot wait to get my nails and toes varnished with a chic polish. This season, I’ll be shopping for classic nail polishes that will easily complement the fun bags, shoes, silhouettes, and color trends that I’ll be wearing this summer. Curious to see the go-to colors that my fellow editors always gravitate to, I asked them to share their holy-grail nail polish shades they love (or that generally represent their signature style) no matter the season.

Keep scrolling for their favorite classic nail polish colors that will hopefully inspire your next mani-pedi.

"OPI Big Apple Red is the perfect shade of red, hands down. It's not too orange, not too blue. I try to mix it up when I get my nails done, but I always wish I'd gone with Big Apple Red."

"I don't do sheer pale-pink nails, so if I'm going to go neutral, it has to be something with a little more depth to it. Chanel Particulière is appropriate for any occasion, but it's a lot cooler than your average neutral."

"This deep inky purple is always going to be a classic for me. I swear there were a few years it was probably the only nail polish color I wore. I love that it's almost black, so it's dramatic, but the purple makes it a little bit softer. It goes with everything!"

"A lot of people are probably going to say this color. But what can I say? If it's good enough for the Queen of England, it's good enough for me. It's just feminine and elegant and my go-to if I'm just not feeling too adventurous with color."

"This shade of dark blue is one of my all-time favorites. It reads like black from farther away but is really a deep navy that looks so polished and cool especially in the winter months. I like it as a slightly edgier alternative to a classic red."

"This is my go-to shade, especially once summer rolls around. It's the perfect compromise between coral and bright red, and it's so, so flattering. I love a polish that automatically brightens my day whenever I glance down at my nails, and this one does just that! If I could only wear one red for the rest of my life, it would be this spicy pick."

"Finding the right neutral nail color is a lot harder than you'd think. Whenever I want an easy nude that will look good no matter what I'm wearing or where I'm going, I stick with this fuss-free shade from Olive & June. It's described as a sheer tan, but I love applying three coats so it's more opaque. Also, it's not too tan and still looks really pretty against my pinker undertones."

"Malaga Wine by OPI is one of those colors that never fail me. I'm constantly getting complimented on my nails when I wear it. It's the perfect shade of burgundy that neither feels too dark nor too light, so it works for any season, and personally, I find it very flattering."

"This is my go-to everyday nail polish that works with everything. It's sophisticated, elegant, and cool—the perfect nude hue with hints of pink and gray. I love it so much I wore it for my wedding too."

"I love a neutral sage green, and KMC from Olive & June is perfection. It feels so fresh and is especially ideal for spring and summer."

“A really beautiful nude with a slight peachy tone, Chanel's Ogandi is subtle and elegant. It looks chic year-round."

"I love Olive & June's Pink Sands polish from its most recent spring collection. It is just a hint of pink that somehow manages to look amazing on a variety of skin tones, making it perfect for everyday wear or a special-occasion mani."

"It should come as no surprise that this over-the-top bottle packs some serious pigment—specifically, Christian Louboutin's iconic red. I prefer it for toes, with or without red bottoms, but the vibrant hue with blue undertones looks equally luxe on fingertips, too."

"If you want your nail color to be cool, you can basically close your eyes and pick any J. Hannah nail polish. Though, I like this earthy nude especially." 

"I generally stick to white, black, and deep-beige nail colors, as they're classic and always flattering on my skin tone, but there's something about this powder-blue Olive & June polish that speaks to me on a deep level. It's so gorgeous! Swiping it onto my nails almost guarantees a mood boost, and it's surprisingly low-key, even though it's blue."

"Chanel's Pirate nail polish is the go-to red I wear more than any other color, and I can't get enough of the rich shade. I don't own many nail polishes, but this is one I always make sure I have in my small collection."