I'm a Fashion Editor, and These Are the Everyday Jewelry Pieces I Swear By

Question: What constitutes a wardrobe staple for you? Is it sneakers? Jeans? My answer is complicated, as I have a love-hate relationship with basics. On the one hand, I love the idea of a luxurious staple, such as a relaxed suit. On the other hand, I hate feeling like my wardrobe is dated because I’m stuck wearing the same clothing. So when it comes to defining staples in my own life, I’ve found the only pieces I really love are jewelry. No pair of jeans will ever hold a candle in my heart to a pair of hoop earrings, because jewelry does what other basics can’t. Whenever my outfit lacks that extra something, I turn to my jewelry to spice things up. 

But I’d be lying if I said I don’t get overwhelmed by how many jewelry choices there are—from the incredible number of demi-fine brands to shop to new trends to deciding which pieces to put on with which ensembles. When it comes to jewelry, the limit simply doesn’t exist. So having a set of jewelry staples to throw on and head out the door is essential. In that vein, I’ve rounded up the five classic jewelry staples that I can’t live without and highly recommend you add to your collection. These not only are beloved among the fashion set but will also become your new favorite everyday pieces.

1. Statement Hoops

classic jewelry staple, statement hoops



If it weren't already obvious, if I had to pick only one jewelry staple to wear for the rest of my life, it would be hoop earrings. This accessory, in my mind, is the essential piece to invest in for everyday wear. But just because you’re wearing them in the daytime doesn’t mean you should opt for the simplest pair. (Unless that’s your personal preference—do you, boo.) Typically, I recommend finding a pair that strikes the perfect balance between timeless and trendy because, like cooking, no meal is complete without some spice. And statement hoops are the spice needed in every ensemble. 

Shop statement hoops:

The best thing about these hoops? They’ll match everything in your wardrobe. 

Who said hoop earrings had to have a traditional shape? 

Every time I wear these hoops, compliments come pouring in. 

Promise you’ll wear these every day.

Smaller hoop earrings can make just as much of a splash. Case in point: this 18-karat gold-plated pair with gemstones. 

Can’t pick between silver and gold? Now you don’t have to choose. 

These are the best hoop earrings I’ve ever owned. 

The inset pearls on these hoops make this everyday staple all the more special.

Spice up your everyday hoops by styling them in an ear trio.

2. Chain Necklaces

classic jewelry staples, chain necklaces



No matter what’s trending, what season it is, or your budget, there’s no more classic piece to invest in than a chain necklace. In fact, one could argue this is the most versatile jewelry you can ever buy, as it not only can be worn with just about anything year-round but also comes in so many different variations. Whether you opt for a chunky chain, one with multiple metals, a dainty one, or you throw on various chains, you can rest assured knowing the possibilities are endless and always timeless when it comes to this piece.

Shop chain necklaces:

Pro tip: Layer this with some of your other favorite necklaces to make this piece feel unique.

Imagine pairing this with a little black dress for a night out—hot, right? 

Prefer dainty chain necklaces? This is all you.

Nothing I love more than a two-tone chain necklace. 

This price is too good to pass up. 

This oversize chunky chain necklace is a personal favorite. 

The intricate roping detail on this choker chain is stunning, to say the least.

3. Modern Pearl Pieces

Pearls have always been seen as an investment piece for any jewelry collector, but recent jewelry trends have shown us that this tried-and-true staple is by no means tired. From funky pearl chokers to unique pearl earrings, there are so many new iterations of pearls that allow for this piece to feel modern but still garner a compliment from your grandma. It's the ideal investment for any wardrobe.

Shop modern pearl pieces:

Perfect little pearl necklace to pair with your bikini this summer.

This baroque pearl bracelet will go with every single one of your summer dresses. 

Pearls and hoop earrings? The best of both worlds. 

I’ll let you in on a bit of an editor secret. We all love Missoma’s necklaces because the brand’s pieces are super durable and downright adorable. 

Pearl rings are one of my favorite pieces for everyday wear. 

Are these not the most stunning pearl earrings you’ve ever seen? 

Anklets are an everyday staple in the summer, so this pearl one is a must-shop. 

Is it just me, or are you too already planning what to wear these earrings with?

4. Interesting Rings

classic jewelry staples, Interesting Rings



I know every fashion person loves to layer on jewelry, especially rings. But the key to really making this staple feel signature to your style is by opting for unique ones. Don’t be afraid to pair a funkier ring with your everyday gold bands or invest in one with gemstones. It will add that little bit of sparkle to make you truly stand out.

Shop interesting rings:

The first time I spotted this ring, my jaw dropped. 

Don’t be fooled: Gemstones are an everyday thing in my book. 

Simple enough for everyday but still unique to make your heart skip a beat.

Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to stack this ring with others for those days you need a little extra sparkle. 

You’ll wear this piece for years to come. 

This is by far one of the best rings I’ve ever added to my collection.

The perfect little ring for everyday wear. 

I'm not normally a fan of birthstones, but this ring is stunning. 

Dainty rings will forever hold a special place in my heart. 

5. Nameplate Pieces

Last but not least, I don’t think any editor or fashion fanatic can deny the longevity of the nameplate necklace (or initial jewelry, in general). It may now seem somewhat cliché considering how many cool jewelry trends exist. But there’s no more classic jewelry piece to wear day in and day out than something that reflects who you are (quite literally). Nameplate jewelry and initial-adorned pieces will never go out of style.

But should you want something trendier, I suggest you opt for versions of this classic piece that come with pearls or jewels. No matter what form of nameplate piece you choose to buy, as long as you own this classic piece and all the other ones in this story, your everyday wardrobe is sure to shine. 

Shop nameplate pieces:

I’ve been dying to get my hands on this necklace for a while now. 

Dainty-jewelry lovers, this is calling your name. 

If you love longer pendant necklaces, this is perfect for you. 

Made from 14-karat gold, this is the perfect customizable necklace to gift (even if it’s to yourself).