Luxe Staples Are a Big Fashion Trend RN—These 5 Are Timeless and Chic


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Not to sound like a broken record, but when building a wardrobe you love, there’s nothing more important than having an arsenal of staples you can rely on for everyday wear. But if you’re anything like me, you loathe the idea of looking basic. I don’t want any boring old staple, but I also don’t want to look like I’m wearing the same fashion aesthetic as every other person on social media. Yes, I’ll admit I love spotting a trend just as much as any other editor, but I find myself being anti-trend more and more every day—I desire a wardrobe that’s practical and packs a punch. But if that sounds like an oxymoron or generally unattainable, then allow me to introduce you to the concept of luxurious staples. It’s a micro-trend that’s been bubbling up among the fashion set because of the desire for pieces that can stand the test of the trend cycle but still feel like they’re trendy. 

Of course, finding pieces that are both of the time and timeless is no easy feat, but it’s one I feel our very own Who What Wear Collection does well. So ahead, I’ve highlighted the luxe staples to shop right now, along with shared tips on what to opt for when you want to add a little glamour to your everyday basics. Consider this your crash course in looking caviar rich on a ramen budget.

Opt for: Collars Doing the Work 


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No matter the season, collared tops in all their forms—from polos to Peter Pan iterations—are always heavily in the fold. But if you want a more luxe version of this tried-and-true staple, I recommend you follow what I’m dubbing The Three Cs when shopping for this staple. Always look for iterations of this basic that play with color, cut, and content (aka fabric). Whether it’s opting for a collared polo dress or a preppy polo in a crochet fabric, the key to making this staple stand out is by letting the special details of the piece do all the work. 

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Opt for: A Piece With Texture, Please


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The simplest way to take any staple from simple to scrumptious is through textured fabrics. Nothing embodies rich energy quite like a luxe fabric, but you don’t have to necessarily be shelling out the cash to add some depth to your everyday wear. Opting for pieces with plissé and crinkle-cut fabrics will give your wardrobe some oomph without the price tag. 

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Opt for: Relaxed Suiting


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Suiting is a staple that arguably everyone needs, has, or will have in their wardrobe at some point or another. Basically, we’re all in a long-term relationship with our blazers and trousers. But just because they’ve been a part of our lives for a while doesn’t mean the honeymoon phase has to be over. The easiest way to make any suit feel more trend-forward is by opting for more relaxed iterations. From oversize blazers to loose trousers, these more luxurious iterations will make you fall in love all over again with suiting.

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Opt for: Whimsical Dresses


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Come late spring, if wearing a suit seems too hot to handle, you’ll want to whip out your other go-to staple for the season: a dress. As a lover of dresses, though, I must warn that not all of them are created equal. Yes, there are timeless iterations like a little black number or a white linen version. But when it comes to genuinely luxurious dresses, it’s all about embracing that Bridgerton energy. You can't have a gown custom-made for every ball, but you can have a dress with whimsical details (like florals, plissé, cutouts, prints, and puff sleeves) for everyday wear.

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Opt for: Everything in Knit


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And finally, the simplest way to make any staple wardrobe piece feel more luxe is by searching for knit fabrics. Knitwear is nothing new; it’s been a part of our wardrobes and continues to be. But more recent iterations of the staple (i.e., matching knit sets) have given this fabric a whole new life. There’s nothing more luxurious than finding a corset in a cozy knit fabric or a simple V-neck sweater. Knitwear will always embody rich-and-unbothered energy because it can make any piece better and timeless. So when shopping for staples, there’s no better call to make than opting for your go-to tank or matching set in a knit—your wallet and your wardrobe will thank you.

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