The Classic Engagement Ring Shapes You Need to Know

Everyone deserves an engagement ring that matches their aesthetic. After all, if there’s one piece of jewelry that you’re going to want to fall in love with for the rest of your life, it’s an engagement ring. While your everyday accessory vibe might change over the years, it’s your engagement ring that will remain consistent, so it’s hardly a purchase to take lightly.

When it comes to engagement rings, the classics will always remain, but that doesn’t mean that there are only one or two to choose from. Are you a solitaire diamond lover? Or perhaps you prefer a princess cut. Maybe you’ve always dreamt of an Asscher shape or even gravitate toward round instead.

No matter what the shape, the most classic engagement rings have a clean setting, though anyone who is particularly drawn to the sparkle might add a pair of baguettes or a pavé band. It’s all about the glimmering stone and the shape that best suits your personality. Scroll through the classic engagement ring shapes below and get inspired for your very own.


Round-cut diamonds are one of the most popular engagement ring styles. While many diamonds are symmetric at their core, a round stone is uniquely almost perfect, which maximizes the brilliance and sparkle potential of your chosen one.


Cut with square or rectangular edges, this diamond style is another that is seen often. It’s a nice balance between a round and an emerald diamond, and while it’s not quite as elevated as the latter, it’s a little edgier than the former.


Unique yet classic at the same time, this ring is for someone who is looking for something different that they're still going to love for all eternity. Mia Farrow was given a pear-cut diamond ring upon her engagement to Frank Sinatra in 1966 and the cut has remained a standard in the industry ever since.

Pricing available upon request.

Available in sizes 6 to 8.


An Asscher cut diamond brings you back in time to the luxe, the elegant, and the 1920s decadence that we still hope to emulate today. With old-world appeal yet modern flair, this diamond cut has seen a resurgence in popularity and yet has forever retained its ranking among the most classic of engagement ring shapes.


An emerald-cut diamond is one of the most brilliant stones around. Sliced and beveled in a way that maximizes the light reflection of the stone, it makes quite the eye-catching statement on your finger. Elizabeth Taylor was famously given one by her third husband, Mike Todd. It was 29.4 carats. For what it’s worth, Beyoncé also has a similar style, though it only weighs in at 18 carats.

Which one fits your personality best?