The Best Items to Buy From 11 Classic Brands Everyone Loves

As much as I love wearing new brands, there's something about the comfort of buying something from a brand that's been around for years, especially if you're already familiar with the fit, the quality, and what they do best. Many of these veteran brands are good for shopping for basics, but don't write them off as being just that—among them are plenty of trend-forward items, as well as items that have been around forever but are trendy once again. (Here's looking at you, Birkenstock Boston Clogs.)

What can be classified as a classic brand is certainly debatable, and we all have different go-to's, but as someone who basically shops for a living, I selected eleven to shop that maintain their popularity and stay relevant among the saturated marketplace that is fashion. I also opted to keep things very curated, editing this down to three stellar items from each brand. Scroll to shop them along with me.

1. Nike

The material these are made of is buttery perfection.

2. Wolford

When you see a celebrity wearing a turtleneck bodysuit, it's probably this one.

If you buy just one pair of black tights this year, make it these.

3. Ray-Ban

4. Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren is making a comeback (not that it ever went anywhere).

5. New Balance

Easy on the logos, big on the style points.

You don't have to be a runner to appreciate these affordable shorts.

6. Madewell

I own these and can confirm that they are, in fact, perfect.

7. Tory Burch

If Daphne Bridgerton were to wear a bikini... you know the rest.

Shop the matching Printed Hipster Bikini Bottoms ($98).

8. Birkenstock

I have a hunch these will remain a fashion person favorite indefinitely.

Pretty much every fashion editor I know (myself included) owns these.

9. Lululemon

I have a hunch these will become a new Lululemon It item.

Everyone in your pilates class will be running out to buy this.

10. Levi's

The under-$100 jeans even celeb stylists are obsessed with.

Perhaps this is a surprising choice, but I'm obsessed.

11. Free People

Here's your new favorite summer outfit.

I'd love to wear this under an oversize button-down (unbuttoned, of course).

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