11 Classic Bags That Are Worth the Investment

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Whether you’re looking to make your first big fashion investment, add a covetable purse to a growing collection, or simply need an everyday bag to go with all your outfits, it’s always safe to go with a classic. What exactly does that mean? Think something that feels basic enough to stand the test of time yet chic enough that you’ll actually want to wear it season after season (and, hopefully, year after year). The good and bad news is that the fashion-sphere is rife with them—good because there are abundant options to choose from and bad because so many choices can feel overwhelming for a shopper. Not to worry, though, because as usual, we’re here to help you cut through the clutter by sharing our editors’ all-time favorites.

Scroll through to read about and shop the classic bags we love ranging from the $200s to the $2000s, so you can invest as you please.

nicole akhtarzad classic bag pick

“Mark Cross’s Grace Box bag may never change in shape, but the size, material, and colors update every season, making it feel both timeless and forward with every new iteration. Plus, it’s inspired by a bag Grace Kelly actually wore, so I’m sold either way.”

allyson payer classic bag pick

“I carry my Bissett bag so much that I bought it in another color last season. The price point is so good for such a well-made, timeless bag, and I love anything that you can get away with carrying any season of the year, both day and night.”

gina marinelli classic bag pick

“For me, this is the perfect statement handbag—not for being ostentatious or bold (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but for its subtle detailing, unique shape, and elegant-meets-edgy vibe. If you couldn’t tell, I’ve been thinking about this purchase for a while now, and considering how wearable this bag is for everyday styling, it’s worth every hard-earned penny.”

kat collings classic bag pick

“The subtle bucket shape of this go-anywhere bag will always be in style. I think the dark green is as versatile as black or brown but feels a tad more unexpected.”

anna laplaca classic bag pick

“I love how this small handbag has a vintage-inspired design, making it the type of timeless piece you’ll wear for years to come.”

bobby schuessler classic bag pick

“You just can’t go wrong with Gucci. I’ve used a Gucci travel tote for years, and I can’t wait to refresh my current style with one of the new iterations, like this beauty here with the two-tone straps.”

aemilia madden classic bag pick

“Though it definitely had a moment of ultra popularity, I still think Mansur Gavriel’s bags will stand the test of time. Mine is four years old now and still looks beautiful.”

michelle scanga classic bag pick

“You can’t go wrong with a classic LV Speedy bag. I recently just started wearing mine again, and I receive compliments daily.”

kristen nichols classic bag pick

“The Juliette box bag from Tory Burch made it onto my radar a few months ago, and I’ve been carrying it everywhere since I snapped it up. It’s a true classic and the perfect day-to-night bag.”

erin fitzpatrick classic bag pick

“I think structured bags are so timeless, and I love this version by Bulgari. You can use it as a top-handle bag or a crossbody, so it’s super versatile, Plus, the iconic serpent closure takes it to the next level.”

lauren eggertsen classic bag pick

“Investing in a good-quality bag doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars. I recently got this functional and adorable crossbody/top-handle stunner from The Daily Edited, and it does just the trick. Not only does it fit perfectly in all of my tote bags due to its thin shape, but TDE also offers chic monogramming to add that little something special to your everyday bag.”