The French-Girl Shoes Everyone Is Buying Today



Today is a special day in the world of fashion as the ultimate French-girl shoe collaboration has officially dropped. The well-known and timeless Parisian shoe brand Carel Paris teamed up with Clara Cornet to design a capsule collection destined for all the likes Instagram has to offer. The collection includes four different styles of the brand's iconic Kina shoes, each adorned with an assortment of hearts, cherries, stars, and kisses. We told you—these are meant for the 'gram, are they not?

Carel told us that "the Kina shoe first came to popularity in the late 1950s when Carel introduced the block heel to their Parisian Rive Gauche clientele. The Kina has since been synonymous with an active working woman: strong and opinionated." And now, thanks to the festive add-ons, you won't see a woman wearing these shoes who doesn't clearly exude strength and an opinionated spirit… with a French-girl twist of course. Naturally, the shoe collaboration is already It girl–approved, as fashion insiders like Juliana Salazar and Brie Welch have been spotted wearing the shoes, which can only mean one thing—these covetable styles are bound to sell out, so shop them fast.

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