7 Things Chiara Ferragni Never Wears


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Calling Chiara Ferragni's wardrobe enviable is indeed an understatement, and it's certainly one of the many reasons she has 15 million Instagram followers. While unlike many Instagram style stars, Ferragni doesn't usually tag what she's wearing unless it's a sponsored post, it's not hard to see that she has a clear sense of her personal style; she doesn't try trends that don't suit her.

Speaking of which, we took a deep dive—as we did in the past with Selena Gomez and Amal Clooney—into Ferragni's looks (focusing on the past year or so) and came to the conclusion that that are seven main things that she never wears anymore. We also pinpointed the things she wears the most (and just to warn you, it's going to inspire you to shop). Read on for the scoop on everything Chiara Ferragni isn't and is wearing these days.

No to Flip-Flops, But Yes to Combat Boots

Despite the fact that flip-flops are currently trending, Ferragni has yet to dive in. Instead, she loves the tough vibe that combat boots bring to a look.

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No to Minimalism, But Yes to "Extra" Looks

Ferragni is not one to shy away from bold looks and tons of color. It's one of the things that people love her for. She's capable of making anything and everything look cool and effortless, even glitter and neon.

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No to Super-Trendy Bags, Yes to Classic Designer Purses

Believe it or not, Ferragni doesn't really seem to jump at the chance to carry the latest and greatest It bags. That said, she has a sizable collection of Chanel and Hermès bags to pair with everything in her closet.

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No to Tunics, Yes to Crop Tops

Ferragni manages to always make crop tops look chic by pairing them with high-waisted pieces and cool-girl accessories.

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No to Subtle Jewelry, Yes to Piled-On Bling

Ferragni is a study in how to get away with wearing multiple pieces of jewelry at once without it looking over the top. She isn't just mixing and matching delicate pieces, either. She piles on substantial jewelry pieces of all different metals with a very high success rate.

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No to Leggings, Yes to Leather Pants

Although Ferragni has started to wear trendy bike shorts as an alternative to leggings, in her daily life, you're very likely to find her wearing leather pants, especially as fall approaches.

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No to Preppy Prints, Yes to Logomania

Ferragni's affinity for logos leaves little room in her wardrobe for preppy prints like gingham and simple stripes.

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