When People Say They "Hate Their Closet," I Suggest These 6 Cheap Staples

Given my job as a fashion editor, I also assume the role as a personal fashion editor amongst my inner circle (which I love, TBH). This means that whenever someone needs sartorial assistance, I’m the first call. Recently, I got a question on the few key pieces worth adding to a wardrobe because my friend, as she says, “hates her current closet.”

First, I suggested the idea of re-thinking how she wears some of her favorite items. I think it’s always smart to “shop your closet” if you’re feeling a bit tired of your offering. You may just uncover things you haven’t worn a ton recently that could be teamed with your go-tos to create fresh fits. But if there is a need to mix in new items, I mentioned starting with a few forward basics.

Given that basics are the building blocks of a wardrobe, it’s often a decent idea to begin by incorporating some of those current and trendier simple items to pair with other standbys in your arsenal. While there is a range of said basics out there, I suggested six specific styles to my friend that I not only think are chic, but also A+ in the sense that you don’t have to spend a fortune on them. All of the pieces in question look elevated and high-end but can be bought for under $75.

To highlight further, I rounded up the cheap staples I think are worth adding into a rotation with a bit of visual and shopping inspo. And remember, while some of the exact pieces featured in the street style imagery below may ring up at a higher price, the look can be achieved on the affordable end (which is what I’m showcasing).

1. Printed Layering Top

While you can’t go wrong with your classic white or black tee, I’m feeling lightweight printed tops and bodysuits right now as an easy way to amp up a layered look this spring.

2. Modern Blazer

If there’s one outerwear staple I think everyone should consider, it’s a modern blazer in a slouchier or tailored cut to bring polish to even the simplest of ensembles.

The leather look continues to trend hard as a sleek way to bring texture to an ensemble. The best part is that there are so many faux-leather jackets, shorts, dresses, pants, etc. that look expensive without that expensive price tag.

4. Pleated Trousers

Adding a pair of wide-leg trousers (one with pleats if you’re really feeling bold) into your closet is worth it in my eyes to build out the sophisticated side of your wardrobe. I’m especially loving the tan and khaki hues.

Adding a new accessory into your uniform can easily make it feel new again. So I told my friend to try an of-the-moment chunkier gold chain to bring a fashion-girl twist to her daily look.

6. Cardigan

In the knitwear realm, cardigans definitely reign supreme in my eyes as a chic throw-on piece. The beauty is that there’s a variety of iterations out there to suit every style, including heavier sweater versions, shrunken picks, longline silhouettes, and so on.