I'm a Fashion Editor on a Budget—Here's Where I Like to Buy My Shoes

My favorite part about my job is that I get to spend a lot of time shopping. It's a rare day when my laptop screen isn't dominated by 30-plus tabs featuring products from every corner of the e-commerce world. Now, being six years into my digital-fashion-editor career, I feel like a walking, talking encyclopedia of digital shopping info. I can often guess a product's exact price, give or take $20, and have an arsenal of knowledge whenever someone needs brand recommendations for something specific. Case in point: affordable shoe brands

I am always on the hunt for a good deal for both my readers and myself. Riding on a tight budget is practically my life motto. For all those on the same page, I figured it'd be helpful to list out my favorite spots to find chic and reliable shoes under $150. Now, I am very aware that there are plenty of places to grab $20 shoes as well, but today I'm focusing on this particular price range. These eight brands ahead deliver on long-lasting quality without sacrificing style.


Shop-Pêche is the quintessential cult Instagram brand. The hidden gem is a favorite among the frequently photographed fashion crowd. It's almost a rite of passage for influencers to feature the minimalistic Brooklyn-based shop. Hit them up to find plenty of quirky and cute styles, all for under $100.

Charles & Keith

Hopefully, Charles & Keith is already on your radar by now. We've been fans of the Singapore-based accessory label for some time. To keep it brief, we'd be shocked if we ever came across something over $90 from this site.


W Concept is a treasure trove for discovering new brands. One of my latest finds is the shoe brand Amellie. Not much is known about the Korean brand, but it certainly knows what it's doing when it comes to giving classic shoe styles just the right trendy twist.


If you're on the prowl for an affordable brand that's always ahead of the curve, look no further than Jaggar. The Australian footwear brand was created by the same husband-and-wife duo behind such brands as Finders Keepers, C/Meo Collective, Keepsake, and The Fifth Label. You can trust that their playful and forward-thinking vision extends to shoes, too.


Yet another W Concept gem. The brand features office-friendly styles with subtle, Instagram-approved trend twists like square toes and clog-like platforms.

Who What Wear Collection

Say hello to our latest Who What Wear collection launch! The new shoe-and-handbag collection is filled to the brim with on-trend styles, all under $150. 


When Australian fashion brands really started to explode on the scene a few years back, Senso was one of the labels leading the pack. It's been around since the '80s, but burgeoning influencers and celebrities started taking to it in the advent of style-focused Instagram accounts.


From Sophie Turner to Gigi Hadid, there are few styles stars who haven't been spotted in this affordable shoe brand. The Swedish-based company has been around since the 1970s, which explains how it's so good at delivering on the latest '70s and '80s trend comebacks. While the brand produces plenty of contemporary and sleek styles, it's the boots that are usually worth looking out for.

Up next, 25 under-$50 fashion gems we'd regret not telling you about.

Contributing Editor

Ray Lowe is a contributing editor for Who What Wear. She's spent the last decade living in New York, but now that she professionally works from home, she's slowly been going back to her roots by splitting time between NYC and L.A. A year ago, she left a four-year stint as a fashion editor for Refinery29 to explore the freelance life. Nowadays, she does just about everything from penning online articles (for Who What Wear, Refinery29, Elle, Cosmo, and many more) to writing scripts, styling, and finding ways to fuse her love for both Disney and fashion. Her main beat is fashion (trends, emerging brands, affordable finds, you name it), but you may find her dropping in with a beauty story every now and then. As for her personal style, she'd best describe it as a balanced blend of basics and contemporary trends, often with a dash of Mickey Mouse thrown in for good measure. In her spare time, she can be found coddling my pets (a French bulldog and a rescue cat), curating travel itineraries for her friends, scrolling through Instagram for up-and-coming brands, and watching so-bad-they're-good films.