The 17 Chanel Lipsticks That Look Good on Literally Everyone

Best Chanel Lipsticks

While it may not be within my budget to buy a Chanel bag just yet (a girl can dream), I can at least say I've made a few small but mighty purchases from the ultra-chic fashion house by picking up some of its insanely good makeup products. As a beauty editor who has the privilege of testing designer makeup on the regular, I'll be the first to tell you that Chanel products, in particular, are completely worth it. Anytime I wear something from the brand, I feel not only high-end but a bit more like I could blend in with impossibly chic French people. One Chanel makeup item the Who What Wear beauty team never shuts up about is the brand's dynamic and impossibly comfortable lipsticks

Whether you need a bold lip stain for a night out or a neutral color to finish your everyday look, I guarantee Chanel has you covered. But the eternal question remains: Which hues are best and capable of looking good on every skin tone?

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I couldn't answer such a question without the help of a talented Chanel makeup artist. I asked Chanel makeup artist Tasha Reiko Brown to pick out the hues she loves most for a few different skin tones. It wasn't an easy feat, but she was up to the task. In fact, she had more than enough to share.

Scroll to find what shades made the list of all-time best Chanel lipsticks, according to the atelier.

Best Chanel Lipsticks for Golden, Olive, and Tan Skin Tones

Best Chanel Lipstick Shades for Medium Skin Tones



Brown had a few ideal shades to recommend for those who share my skin tone. I love warm or deep neutrals with the occasional bright shade for special occasions. Brown found me a few choice Chanel shades that fit the bill below.

"This is a perfect neutral nude for medium skin tones. This shade doesn't pull warm or cool. I love to pair this with a clean, monochromatic, sculpted face, as something very tonal feels modern and fresh, as opposed to pairing it with deeper eyes." — Brown

"A perfectly balanced, universal red shade that would read as a lovely popsicle stain on medium skin tone. This color would bring a youthful, easy 'pop' to the face." — Brown

Like I said above, warm, neutral shades are my jam. I love that this one has just enough color to give my lips a flush without looking too dressy or too pink.

This deeper brown is absolutely everything. I'd wear this to a holiday party or a fun dinner because it would pop against my warm olive-toned skin.

Best Chanel Lipsticks for Deep Skin Tones

Best Chanel Lipstick Shades for Deep Skin Tones



Brown selected gorgeous mauve and burgundy shades for Who What Wear assistant beauty editor Maya Thomas.

"A beautiful way to wear bold shades is with high-shine formulas. This red has a touch of berry and plum that goes beautifully with the red undertone warmth of her skin tone. The shine of this lip color would really accentuate her beautiful smile." — Brown

"An easy deep pink-brown color in a balm formula. It is a casual, comfortable color. Paired with a mid-tone brown lip liner, this reads as just a kiss of brightening color on deeper skin tones. This light-touch lip color pairs perfectly with the youthfulness of her face." — Brown

While this deep burgundy is similar to the Chanel lipstick shade Surprise, it's great for those with a deeper skin tone who want to go for something that's a bit more wine-colored. 

Best Chanel Lipsticks for Fair Skin Tones

Best Chanel Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin Tones



For Who What Wear Beauty Director Erin Jahns, who has fair skin, Brown loves playful pinks. 

As a bonus, Jahns already owns and loves the Rouge Allure L'Extrait High-Intensity Colour in the shade Rouge Puissant. It's the gorgeous fire-engine red shade she's wearing in the photo above.

"Full coverage of a soft pale ballerina pink for an updated turn on a timeless classic. Pair this lip color with a nude liner for a chic pout with staying power. This shade picks up the peachy tones in her cheeks and gives a tonal effect." — Brown

"This is a bold, pinky red. Whereas a blue red may be too harsh, this is a pink red that reads as a complimentary bold color for a neutral and cool undertone. With her pale eyes and hair, this would read 'drama' on the lips. This is an absolute necessity." — Brown

Best Chanel Lipsticks for Fair Skin Tones



Warm, bright, and nude shades are the name of the game for Who What Wear beauty editor Katie Berohn. Brown selected a vibrant hue along with a natural-looking pink for her.

"A bold, bright coral for an unexpected pop on the lips. This lip color is very warm-hued, so the shade doesn't tip into a pastel." — Brown

"I love this lip color for when I want to do a more subdued lip, but not a nude lip. This lip color would be so lovely paired with a smoky chocolate eye. This is a lip color that looks like a boost of her natural color, so lips are drawing attention, but not pulling focus." — Brown

Brown loves fuchsias and reds for Who What Wear associate beauty editor Kaitlyn McLintock. They compliment her warmer golden skin tone.

"The perfect, 'pouty-light' warm pink. The warmth of this pink picks up the golden tones in her skin tone."  — Brown

"This is more of a moody red than a glaringly bright, cheery red. It's more of a deep blue, sophisticated red. The blue of this shade against light hair and eyes gives a crisp, elegant statement." — Brown

More Universally Flattering Chanel Lipstick Shades Brown Loves

"This gives a quintessentially classic French red lip. It compliments a variety of skin tones and hair colors and has never failed me."  — Brown

"The nude chameleon. This is a light nude pink that takes on the life of any brown, nude-toned liner to make it truly universal. This also has the perfect amount of pink to not wash you out."  — Brown

"A perfect neutral in a comfortable texture with just the right amount of reflectiveness. It leans neither warm nor cool. This lip color can easily take on the life of whatever lip liner you pair it with. To warm it up, add a peach nude liner. For a slightly ombré effect, use a raisin lip liner and then use this to cool down the lip liner's warmth in the center of lips. It is so wildly versatile."  — Brown

This article was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.