11 Ways Fashion Girls Are Styling 2020's Biggest Jewelry Trend

If you thought that there is no place for jewelry at home, you're wrong. Even if you plan on staying in loungewear for the foreseeable future, there is one major jewelry trend that will fit your aesthetic, whether that's sweatpants or summer dresses, and that trend is chain necklaces. It feels like we've been reporting on this trend forever now, but that's because we have. Last year, we started seeing the trend bubble, and as we entered 2020, the chain-necklace movement only continued to gain followers. 

Now that some time has passed since the birth of this trend, I thought it would be wise to get a pulse check of where the rest of the fashion community is at with it. As we prepare to spend a lot more time at home this year, the following women are giving us the inspiration we need to stay stylish no matter where we are. From elevating a simple tank top to really going for it in a skirt suit, the 11 fashion girls ahead are here to show us up in chain-necklace styling. 

An oversize T-shirt and layered necklaces are the at-home vibe right now. 

Toughen up a skirt suit with a chunky gold necklace and a casual hairstyle. 

Matching sets are the lazy girl's guide to getting dressed with no effort, but if you're looking to go the extra mile, throw on your chain jewelry for a bedroom photo shoot. 

Contrast a prim and proper bustier top with baggy jeans and a chunky chain necklace. 

Turn your go-to work blazer into something a bit more exciting by going bare underneath and throwing on all your favorite layering necklaces at once. 

House slippers hit different when you style them with an asymmetrical tank, leather shorts, and a chain necklace.  

Jazz up your favorite sweatshirt with a tailored blazer, loose jeans, and a dad hat. 

Even though it's summer, cardigans are still important. Wear yours as a top to really let your chain necklace shine. 

Throwing on more than one statement necklace can ensure your tank-top-and-jeans outfit never looks boring or basic again. 

Emphasize your neckline with a halter-top-and-necklace combo. When you pair it with long shorts and strappy sandals, you'll be ready for summer, no matter what it looks like. 

If getting out of your loungewear is not something you care to do right now, then accessorize your go-to sweatshirt wisely and live your life. 

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