The Easy Way to Make Your Bathing Suit Look Expensive

Since you clicked into this story, I know you want to know what the easy way to make your bathing suit look expensive is. Luckily, it’s simple: Put a (metal) belt on it. After long admiring this trend on Instagram myself, I recently decided to take it for a spin and am happy to report that it feels as cool as it looks! Honestly, something about the unexpected and, for lack of a better word, “glam” combo just screams, I’m not playin’ around with this look, and people take notice.

But what’s the best part? You likely already own the bathing suit (the simpler it is, the better), and while you can easily opt for a Balmain version of the of-the-moment chain belt for upward of $1600 (and hey, no one will judge you if you do), you can also find countless affordable styles that will do the trick too. We even found one on Amazon for just $13. Shop both options and everything in between after you check out the Instagram inspo below.

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