The 2 Things Celebrities Never Get to Wear

When it comes to celebrity style, we appreciate when styling gets super creative and forgoes playing it safe in favor of bold prints, forward silhouettes, and a few statement accessories. But there are some restrictions that may still apply, at least according to those in the know.

Don't take it from us—we asked stylist Katie Bofshever to weigh in. As the woman behind the red carpet looks of celebs like Jordana Brewster and Emmanuelle Chriqui, she said there are two items she generally avoids (or at least is extra selective with). "You have to be really careful with silk (or any other thin fabric) on the red carpet since it is super susceptible to wrinkling. As soon as you sit or bend over, all bets are off!"

Bofshever also added that light colors should be chosen thoughtfully as well. "They might read one way in a room, but they often get washed out in photos." And just as there are items that sometimes don't translate on film, she says there are pieces that she believes are always foolproof. "When in doubt, pick a silhouette that shows off your waist!"

Of course, follow this advice as you wish. After all, we're probably not all walking the red carpet very often, and it can also be pretty fun to bend the rules.

See examples of how Bofshever follows her own rules below, then shop her go-to piece: dresses, jackets, tops, and more, which all accent the middle.




Instead of shiny silk, Bofshever styled Jordana Brewster in an intricately sequined design.




Emmanuelle Chriqui wears light-colored florals, but sticks to a classic black-fabric base.

Opening Image: @babba.c