I Copied Celebrity Maternity Outfits—Here Are My Favorites

While I am wholeheartedly embracing my ever-growing baby bump along with my small yet essential rotation of maternity dresses, if I'm being honest, most mornings it can be rather uninspiring to concoct a trendy ensemble to wear to my Insta-worthy workplace. (Oh, how I miss you, high-waisted jeans!) To get positively reinspired (while I battle third-trimester fatigue) I turned to a handful of pregnant celebrities (past and present) to see how they show off their maternity style in the spotlight. From running errands to attending chic soirées, I put their maternity outfits to the test to keep me sartorially motivated through my last eight weeks. Scroll below for some of my favorite looks.

Keri Russell's off-duty look is easy and effortless yet still looks pulled together with the chic addition of a versatile trench coat. I loved this look for summer Fridays and casual coffee dates with friends.

All hail Kate Middleton's maternity style! Okay, so she may have a few things going for her—being that she's royal and all, but there's no reason you can't steal elements of her sophisticated style, particularly when it comes to dressing up for special soirées. I tried her playful polka-dot frock, which flattered my bump in all the right places. If it wasn't summer right now in L.A., I'd definitely opt for some of the elegant coats she wore throughout her pregnancy as well.

An all-black outfit is incredibly appealing, especially when your body has expanded exponentially and you don't quite feel yourself. I took a page from Jessica Alba's book and emulated her concealing and flattering head-to-toe all-black look. Très chic. And don't forget to accessorize! The best way to add a little fun to your outfit while drawing attention to a different area of your body.

No one does laid-back style quite like Mila Kunis. Her repertoire of striped tees, cropped jeans, and white sneakers is the perfect weekend outfit formula I've rather fondly adopted. Carefree and perfect for those days when you've rolled out of bed and can't quite function!

Nicky Hilton proves that a floral maxi dress is not only stylish but ultra-comfortable—and perfect for summer in the city. It's also a great way of covering up swollen ankles that might be making an appearance as you progress in your pregnancy. Add some colorful accessories to finish your chic look.

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