This Is How Celebs Did Halloween in the '90s

It doesn't get any more iconic than '90s fashion, if you ask us. We've turned to the decade for outfit inspiration on countless occasions, and today, Halloween, is certainly one of them. Just like the celebrity Halloween costumes we're seeing all over our Instagram feeds this week, the celebs of the '90s—Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford—went all-out for the holiday. We went back into photo archives from the decade to prove it, uncovering the best costumes celebrities wore.

Cindy Crawford was a vision dressed up as Marilyn Monroe in 1996, complete with a blonde wig, white evening gown, and diamond necklace. Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss both channeled gothic looks in coordinating black lace gowns. Mariah Carey, Helena Christensen, and Demi Moore also had chic and on-point Halloween costumes in the mid-'90s. Scroll down to see all the best celebrity costumes, and prepare to be hit with some nostalgia.